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Basecamp Scout for SAP Business One

How does Basecamp Scout for SAP Business One effectively manage & monitor your field force?

Scout for SAP Business One is a powerful GPS-enabled web- and android-based Sales Force Automation app that can be integrated seamlessly with SAP Business One to enhance your field-force’s collaboration, agility and productivity. Designed carefully with the aim to manage, map, monitor, track and enhance field force’s performance, Scout for SAP Business One acts as a sales requisition app and offers features like location tracking, geo-attendance, task management, routes with geo-fencing, digital forms, sales and more.

With the flexibility to create customers, record and push sales quotes/orders to SAP Business One database right from where they are taken, Scout for SAP Business One improves not only the accuracy of maintaining sales data but accelerates meeting customer demands too.

How does Basecamp Scout for SAP Business One effectively manage & monitor your field force?

Real-time Tasks Updates

Send tasks and other important notification alerts like new customer visit, prospect appointments, follow-ups, etc. to field force in real-time.

Geo Attendance

Enables sales team to mark time- and geo-tagged attendance with a selfie.

Reporting & Analytics

One click report generation to track individual & team’s productivity, events, geo-fence breach, sales, prospects, leads, and follow-ups.

Location Tracking

Tracks location of your field force in real time and calculates the total distance travelled.

Role Management

Enables sale managers to assign time-bound role actions to the field reps that can be monitored accordingly.

Digital Forms

Offers the flexibility to create any form in digital format that is both computer and mobile device compatible.

Geo-fencing Alert

Define virtual geographical boundaries for field force, monitor their location in real-time, and send alerts on breach.

Near-by Task Assignment

Locate field force nearest to a particular location or client address, and help sales managers to assign task instantly.

From Customer to Order Taking

Create customer, sales requisition and quotation instantly when & where the order is received, which is automatically pushed into the SAP Business One database immediately.

Nearly every industry has same goal –‘keep the field force engaged & productive’

Automobile Dealerships

Automobile Dealerships

Logistics & Delivery

Logistics & Delivery

Medical Representatives

Medical Representatives

Service & Repair

Service & Repair



Reasons you need Scout for SAP Business One

  • Accurate Requisition Management Software
  • Complete and detailed insights into sales team’s activities
  • Accurate sales analysis & informed decision-making
  • Enhanced operational efficiency of the sales team
  • Collaborated team structure
  • Cost savings and improved productivity
  • Built ground-up for SAP Business One
  • Simpler GUI for faster adaptability
  • Easy to use and operate on any device
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Offers benefits of sales routing software
  • Acts as mobile app billing software

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