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Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is an integral component of the manufacturing process for the process manufacturing industries, and is used to link the formula with the finished goods or the intermediates stored in the inventory. Such is its importance that any slight inaccuracy in BOM can have consequences ranging from manufacturing delays, to the unit coming to a complete standstill. A BOM includes specific instructions on how to assemble the product right from conception through to the finished product ready to be shipped – including all the packaging and instruction, materials etc.

A BOM, basically, is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts, and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. A structured list of all the components that make up a product or assembly, it is required to define how an item is manufactured from top to bottom. The list has details of the material number of each component, along with the quantity and unit of measure. Also, the components can either be raw materials, semi-finished products, or ingredients.

BatchMaster ERP | Bill of Materials

The BOM module in BatchMaster ERP system allows creating and managing BOMs quickly and easily. BatchMaster ERP allows the creation of three types of BOMs- Finished Good BOM, Intermediate BOM, and Assembly BOM, with ease. Fully integrating with the planning module of BatchMaster ERP, the BOM module provides a more accurate lead time in production scheduling.

The module comes with special functions such as ‘Release BOM’, ‘Resequencing’, ‘Toggle Units’, and ‘Sales Order Detail’, etc., and even facilitates displaying the exploded view of BOMs in an inverted tree form along with the details of sub-level items in a table, using BOM explosion functionality. Its utilities allow users to compare the current version of BOM with previous versions, view & revert to the prior version, and even purge the prior version.

Bill of material software

Features of BatchMaster ERP’s Bill Of Material Software:

  • Comprehensive Bill Of Materials functionality
  • Supports multi-level manufacturing BOM
  • Complete integration with the entire BatchMaster ERP solution
  • Encloses top level BOM item
  • Flexibility to define Fill Level in the desired unit of measurement
  • Serves multiple packaging options
  • BOM report to classify the top assembly items, assembly types, and status of the BOM components associated with the formulas
  • Acting as Bill of Materials ERP Software, it caters your needs for both Process (Formula BOM) and Discrete (Assembly BOM) Manufacturing
  • Dispatches full view of the BOM hierarchy
  • Single BOM allocation with multiple formulas
Access and reuse previous BOM versions

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