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Sample Request Management

Sampling Management

Through BatchMaster Sampling, track of all sample requests by customer can be kept. Sampling, minimizes your loss by keeping a record of samples given to a customers at a given time period. Sampling provides complete course of no. of revisions made in a particular sampling request by customer & cost associated with that request.

Sampling even enables your technicians to perform R&D on the samples, to make it in accordance with the customer requirement as customer target value can be maintained in sampling.

The sampling module complies the following features:

  • Checks the present status of any sampling request
  • Maintains Details of Customer which can be existing customer or any new prospect
  • Maintains sample information like Anticipated Sales Volume, Current Price, Target Price, Base Formula Key and Estimated time required to produce sample
  • Wields sample specifications with regards to basic nature, physical properties, chemical properties or any such criteria
  • Keeps a track of all costs associated with a sample, which can be in a detailed manner or in a summarized manner
  • Viewing and storing of all the documents related to a sampling request, thus providing an easy access to these documents whenever required
  • Keeps a track of all the communications made with the customer regarding a sampling request. Emails can be sent directly to the customer without opening any other mailing software
  • Provides the approval facility (to approve samples) same as given in BatchMaster's Sales Requisition or Purchase Requisition
  • Relates your samples with BOM and Production Batches
  • Through R&D a new formula can be created and depending on that formula, a mini batch can be created for the production of sample
  • Sample analysis based on sample v/s sample orders received or based on sample received v/s sample revised
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