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Distribution Requirement Planning

Distribution Requirement Planning

BatchMaster provides versatility of planning goods supply across extended customer/channel hierarchy through its DRP Group. This exceptionally powerful module, integrates well with BatchMaster pushing-in demand and pulling supply. Useful especially in Multi-layered network, it nets requirement/demand upward through each level consolidating at the Mother Warehouse. Using customer demand in the form of sales orders and forecasts, inventory levels and associated replenishment methodologies, including lead times and purchase order requirements, DRP generates a truly- efficient time-phased display of the plan. With Plan quantity decided based on Order Size, Economic Order Quantities, Quantity Scheduled, On Hand Inventory and both Forecasted and actual Demand; Warehouse Transfer are then generated, on the Fly, for the Distribution Centres. These (Warehouse Transfer Orders) ultimately appends the demand in Master Production Schedule, run at plant site to fulfil the demand from various Distribution Centres. Following this can be the Material Requirement Planning for Bill-Of-Materials leading to complete supply chain management.

  • Efficient handling of Single and Multi-layered Channel Network
  • Complete visibility of Bill of Distribution
  • Ability to accommodate unique constraints of all types of Business Networks
  • Pulls demand from the lowest Level aggregating upward at each level, consolidating at the Mother Warehouse thus considering all Distribution Centres
  • Considers on-hand Inventory, Material in-transit, Forecast, Sales Order, Lead Times etc
  • Provides detailed information to analyze sales and other data to plan your purchasing and distribution requirements
  • Sensitive to minimum and maximum variation in Forecast/Demand
  • Calculates Inventory requirement over defined time and generates Purchase Orders
  • Fully integrates with MPS/MRP to create lean supply chain
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BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. With an in-depth industry analysis, gained through a vast industry experience with over 2000 implementations worldwide, we clearly understand the unique industry challenges. BatchMaster offers ERP solutions that are apt to support industry specific operations and handles critical processes of the micro-verticals. Process manufacturing companies around the globe have come to rely upon BatchMaster® to manage nearly every aspect of their manufacturing distribution, finance & accounting, Quality Control, Compliance and HR- related operations. With headquarter in Laguna Hills, BatchMaster has its offices in New Jersey, India and New Zealand.
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