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BatchMaster Point-of-Sale Software Overview

BatchMaster POS is a complete ERP integrated mobile Point-of-Sale system built specifically for retailers. It makes easy to sell products and accept payments in person, right from your phone or tablet with ERP integrated POS software. It keeps track of prices, offers & happy hours and automatically updates inventory to display real-time item information across locations and stores. An extremely flexible solution, it can integrate other systems, such as multiple printers, or connect with networks and databases to enhance your retail business’ capability, and also allows multiple payment processing options to choose from.

It is many things rolled into one, as apart from processing a sales transaction, it can also handle inventory tracking, analytics, sales monitoring and reporting, customer data management, and Role management, secured access – all in real-time.

Moreover, the product is also helpful to the retailers who manufacture their own products and sell them through multiple channels. For managing both aspects of their business, they need to take the seasonal demands into account along with handling R&D, BOM, planning, costing, etc. And, all this is virtually impossible without an ERP integrated point-of-sale system.

Advantages of Point-of-Sale System

  • Streamlined operations with a single integrated platform
  • Personalized & seamless shopping experience to the customer
  • Increased profitability with more product choices
  • Better management of suppliers and stock
  • Improved customer service with speedy transactions and flexible paying options

Speedy transactions:

It decreases the time customers spend at the counter and eliminates scope of human error. Offerings like integrated barcode scanning increases speed and efficiency, thus allowing faster checkout and eventually translating into increased sales, happier customers and more business.

Works anywhere:

It works not only at your outlet, but outdoors too, giving your retail business the flexibility to complete transactions and accept payment anywhere. Additionally, it can be used online on iPads, Android tabs or laptops, with its multi-user interface allowing concurrent access by multiple users.


Controls internal thefts & POS manipulation:

Data encryption, role-based access, password-secured logins, etc., give you the ability to have eyes on every transaction, thus eliminating the scope of any internal theft, shoplifting or POS manipulation.

Ease of completing transactions:

Accepts the inventory item codes via a bar-code scanner, and computes the final product price with discounts and taxes. Also automatically updates inventory and accounts receivable records once the transaction is entered, thus simplifying every transaction.

Real-time data:

It pulls customer data, product information and purchase history in an instant, and has the ability to quickly suspend and save transactions and provide data in real-time to store executives/managers. It also gives real-time view into store statistics and cash management.


Supports multiple tax rates & payment modes:

The BatchMaster Retail Management Software supports numerous tax rates, enabling you to deal with different tax authorities plus taxes. It is also flexible to multiple payment modes, as it accepts cards and bank transfers in addition to cash.


Approval feature:

BatchMaster Retail Management software offers ‘Approval’ feature while pricing items and providing the spot discounts, in order to keep tight control over cash receipt. It also allows you to create purchase approvals across different levels and manage multiple purchase price lists.


User-friendly & affordable:

Equipped with a very user-friendly graphical interface, it allows the users to perform high-powered operations just like that. Also it provides round-the clock support, which ensures smooth functioning with almost zero downtime, and is extremely cost-effective.

BatchMaster’s Distributor Network Management

If you are working with multiple dealers or distributors, then this solution is for you!

If you wish to have multiple POS for your various business partners, distributors, wholesalers or such, BatchMaster’s Distributor Network Management provides a powerful, unified platform for the manufacturers to monitor and elevate the point of sales activities carried out by these numerous distributors and outlets spread geographically. Along with targeting the sectors where customer-touch points (company retailers, dealers, franchise, etc.) exists, DNM raises the performance standards of retailer/dealer by offering same quality, prices, offers and services to their consumers at all locations.

DNM is operated by the manufacturers/dealers working with multiple distributors. However, the system consists of separate POS system to carry out POS activities by individual distributor, wholesaler or outlet, and an ERP for manufacturer/dealer to operate finances.


  • Scalable software that grows with the number of distributors
  • Generates real-time sales, inventory, costing, and other essential reports
  • Automatic updates of inventory transfers
  • Tracks company-wide inventory
  • Track deliveries and warehouse distribution
  • Maintains complete customer history from all locations
  • Handles pricing along with discounts, offers, loyalty programs, etc.

Cloud Deployment Available

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