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BatchMaster ERP for Polyurethane

Major Challenges Faced by Polyurethane Industry

The polyurethane manufacturers are under constant pressure to develop new and innovative formulations, and deliver high-quality polyurethane products that are available at a reasonable cost. It’s a tough task for them to meet customer-specific demands, and identify new greener substitutes of raw materials, and new additives based on improved technologies. Then there are regulatory mandates related to environment, and quality testing criteria that the polyurethane manufacturers must meet, apart from reorganizing their operations to remain competent and successful.

Industry-Specific Polyurethane Manufacturing ERP Software

BatchMaster ERP for Polyurethane provides polyurethane manufacturers with the capability to manage the complete value chain while helping view both formulas and R&D on the same screen to assess final product in the real time in terms of physical properties, volatility and hazards; thus resulting in development of new products at a faster rate. Its exceptional functional set allows to strike a delicate balance between products, green standards, low cost, and fluctuating market rates. BatchMaster ERP for Polyurethane also makes it easy to meet all the industry as well as environmental regulatory mandates, and gives polyurethane businesses a competitive edge.

Key Features of Polyurethane ERP Software

  • Ideal for handling Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance/Accounting, Quality and complaince
  • Formula-centric design for comparison, material substitution, and product escalation
  • Formula security to allow authorized access
  • Supports OSHA, WCED, ISO, LCA, ISTM compliance requirements
  • Supports GHS labeling requirements
  • HMIS support for safety of workers
  • HAZMAT bills of lading, VOC, and SARA reporting
  • Non-Conformance and CAPA
  • Customizable COA (Certificate of Analysis) reports
  • Formula design based on physical properties
  • New product development and its costing, with detailed ‘what-if’ analysis
  • Separate costing of formula and packaging materials
  • Complete traceability and costing of by and co-products
  • Bi-directional lot traceability
  • Vendor approval and management
  • Stability testing
  • Warehouse management
  • Supports contract manufacturing
  • Supports multiple units of measure
  • Make-to-stock and make-to-order operations
  • Quality tests applicable from procurement to delivery
  • Handles returns and recalls during audits
  • Material Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Material Requirement Panning (MRP)

Benefits of BatchMaster ERP for Polyurethane Industry

  • Increased margins and profitability
  • Business efficiency
  • Cost control through reduced wastage, and optimum material utilization
  • Inventory visibility and lot traceability
  • Real-time information for pro-active decision making
  • Assured quality and timely supply
  • Support for cGMP, and other stringent compliance regulations
  • Ease of new product development
  • Auto calculation to scale up production
  • Re-formulation based on potency and physical properties
  • Improve customer service levels to retain and gain customer base
  • Assure 'greener' products

Cloud Deployment Available

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Happy Customers

Emilia Clarke
Doug Miller
Manager Laboratory (Product Development)
"I'm sold on BatchMaster Enterprise. It's a robust application and it works. BatchMaster Enterprise is the foundation for all the important decision-making for all our users to assure quality, ensure compliance, control costs and increase throughput."
Emilia Clarke
Richard Northcote
Controller & Operations Manager
"We are documenting all our testing in BatchMaster and this helps us in two ways. First we ensure that purchased materials can’t be used until they have passed quality control and, secondly, we now have historical information available online so we can examine trends and evaluate supplier performance."

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