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Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting

Monitoring the current marketing scenario, keeping yourself updated with the demand of your product in the market is the key to correctly forecasting the demand. Forecasting the demand correctly in-turn is the key to running successful businesses and optimizing your resources to its best. By knowing the approximate demand for goods, businesses can appropriately allocate their resources for manufacturing or stock the right products in the right quantities. Accurately planning for future demand is critical to reaching overall company goals. It is the starting point for supply side activities and directly affects product availability and company profitability. Secondly, reducing uncertainty of demand can significantly help businesses keep inventory and operating costs low while improving customer satisfaction.

This demand forecasting software enables operations and supply chain executives to create a statistically-based forecast which in turn assists you in making an appropriate make/buy decision of your products. A plan using the forecasted product demand is created and executed to optimize the use of material resources.

Key Features

  • Develop forecasts automatically or manually from known and expected sales
  • Facility to export information to any media such as (excel, clip board)
  • Allows Forecast and plan from any view, such as: product, region, and channel
  • Reduce Inventory carrying costs
  • Improved Forecast Plan accuracy
  • User can be maintained with privileges


  • This quantitative sales forecasting software can be interfaced with any MRP legacy system as well as executed without any interface
  • A sophisticated Export-Import utility is provided for interfacing with legacy system
  • Sales history data can be imported which is optional this can also be manually entered
  • Supports synchronized intervals or unsynchronized intervals for generating forecast
  • System automatically suggests the best-suited forecast method based on data provided
  • This tool is efficient in building credible, realistic forecast to balance supply and demand effectively
  • As product forecasts become more reliable, safety stocks of inventories can be reduced
  • Single as well as multiple forecasts can be performed for an individual item
  • Forecast for multiple items can be performed in a single run
  • Impact of trends and seasonal changes on forecast can be identified
  • Provides graphical reports with user friendly GUI and designable dashboard
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