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ERP for Pharma Manufacturing Industries

Why Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Businesses Require an ERP System?

Experience the enhanced efficiency of BatchMaster Pharma ERP, empowering your pharmaceutical business to achieve faster product innovation and market entry, all at a cost-effective price point. With strict adherence to FDA regulations and other compliance standards, rest assured that your compliance concerns are meticulously addressed.

Our pharma manufacturing software seamlessly integrates and optimizes various operations, including R&D, product development, production, quality control, inventory management, costing, FDA traceability, compliance adherence, planning, scheduling, and warehousing. It is customized to suit the unique needs of your business.

Whether you are involved in private-labeling, co-packing, or the manufacturing of over-the-counter medications, brand prescriptions, or generic drugs, our pharmaceutical ERP is crafted to handle the intricacies of your business processes while ensuring compliance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

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The pharmaceutical ERP software, meticulously documents every manufacturing step, ensuring precise tracking of sensitive data such as expiries non-conformance, CAPA, SOPs, master batch records (MBRs), and more. It tracks product development, batch manufacturing, and quality transactions associated with finished goods.

This comprehensive approach facilitates the seamless operation of both single and multi-divisional pharmaceutical manufacturing units, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency.

Seamlessly integrating with leading financial systems like SAP Business One, Tally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, QuickBooks, or Sage 50/100/200/300, our pharma ERP is a reliable upgrade from your current financial and manufacturing capabilities.

Take your pharmaceutical manufacturing business to new heights with the best ERP for pharmaceutical industry. Gain the reliability, scalability, accountability, precision, and traceability you need to thrive in the competitive landscape of the pharmaceutical sector.

Capabilities Offered by BatchMaster ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

The BatchMaster ERP software for pharmaceutical offers a range of robust capabilities tailored for pharma manufacturers:

Formula Management: BatchMaster sets the benchmark in formula management. It provides comprehensive control over formulas, ensuring security, patenting, version control, and the ability to compare different formula variations seamlessly.

Batch Resizing: Pharmaceutical ERP system feature empowers users to adjust batch sizes in alignment with available raw materials or specific order sizes, ensuring optimal production.

Labelling and Traceability: Addressing crucial industry requirements, the pharmaceutical software facilitates chemical content labelling and bi-directional traceability. Moreover, it generates essential reports such as FDA reports, BMR (Batch Manufacturing Record), MBR (Master Batch Record), COA (Certificate of Analysis), adhering to standard formats.

Inventory Optimization: Effectively manage, label, and track inventory using various methods such as LIFO (Last In, First Out), FIFO (First In, First Out), FEFO (First Expired, First Out), while also managing shelf life and expiration dates efficiently.

SuperBatch: An innovative feature allowing the launch of intermediate and finished goods in a single batch, maintaining the required chronological order without the need for separate launches.

Item Physical Properties: An ERP in pharma enables users to define and manage unique physical characteristics of finished goods, including attributes specific to various product types such as soft gel capsules, tablets, and more.

Essential ERP Modules for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

Key Features of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Software

ERP software for pharmaceutical industry

Business Benefits of ERP for Pharma Manufacturing Industry

The benefits of implementing an ERP for pharma industry, specifically designed to meet FDA and FSSAI requirements, are vast:

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Give your small, mid-size, or large-scale businesses the power of our ‘Cloud ERP’ solutions, and enjoy the benefits of leveraging the cloud.

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