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What are the Challenges in Apparel Manufacturing?

In today’s times, though the physical retail store continues to remain the Numero Uno choice for shopping, the consumers have plenty of other options like e-commerce, mobile, online store etc. to consider. This has compounded the problems for apparel manufacturers, who have to deal with managing multichannel retail along with other challenges like managing inventory, driving omni-channel sales, and improving efficiency among others.

Why Apparel Manufacturing Industry Requires ERP Software?

They need a competent tool like BatchMaster ERP for apparel industry, to deal with these challenges. The apparel ERP allows the apparel manufacturers, distributors as well as retailers to manage the entire supply chain with ease, which means handling product designing, sourcing, demand management, supply chain planning, production & inventory management, multichannel distribution etc. is now a walk in the park for them.

BatchMaster ERP for apparel industry makes it possible, through its set of powerful features. Take a look below:

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Top Apparel-Specific Features:

  • Color Vs Size Matrix
  • Simplified production
  • Multichannel Order Management
  • Quicker Dispatches
  • Web-Store Integration
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Support to GST

Other Essential Features

  • Warehouse Management
  • Batch Picking
  • Supplier/Vendor Management
  • Job Work Management
  • POS System
  • Returns Tracking Management
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Advanced Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Customer Panel
  • Serialization Capabilities and Barcodes Generation
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Bi-directional Lot Traceability and Lot Recall
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC)

Benefits of BatchMaster ERP for Apparel Industry

BatchMaster ERP for fashion industry helps you introduce trendy and cost-effective products faster to the market

  • Introduce trendy and cost-effective products faster to the market
  • Size-vs-style inventory matrix designed specifically for apparel businesses
  • Ease of processing online as well as offline orders from a single interface
  • Enjoy real-time inventory visibility across the warehouse
  • Omnichannel support makes it easy for your customers to do business with you
  • Advanced BOM functionality to make the manufacturing process less complex and save time
  • Process and dispatch your order real fast
  • Real-time access to key business data with Cloud availability
  • Accurate insight into the supply chain give you greater control over the business
  • Provides support to both in-house and contract manufacturing
  • Location-level product visibility gives your business complete inventory accuracy
  • Support to automatic purchase & production
  • Multi-warehouse capability
  • Absolute compliance to the industry regulations
  • User-friendly, actionable dashboards and reporting
  • Payables, Receivables, and General Ledger modules allow tracking financial data throughout your business
  • SMS and Email alerts
  • Accurate markup and margin calculation
  • Mobile reports
  • Control costs through reduced wastage, optimum material utilization and inventory management
  • Greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and repeat business
  • Comprehensive bi-directional traceability, from the raw material to the finished product
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Statutory requirements such as GST are promptly taken care of
  • Makes running your apparel business easier, faster, more seamless and integrated

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