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Tips to Work with Overseas ERP Vendor


In today’s age of technology, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is no rocket science. However, investing in an ERP remains a big decision, predominantly due to the time, cost and other resources involved. It is thus obvious that when you invest a large chunk of your capital in buying an ERP solution, you want it to be the best, even if that means considering an ERP partner located overseas. Deploying an ERP solution from an overseas vendor in a way is just like being into a long-distance relationship, where both the parties get committed to begin a long-term association. During this courtship period, both the parties organize to meet and exchange views, past experience and requirements.

While considering an overseas ERP partner, one must evaluate the options on core values and consider certain key elements like integrity, honesty, and efficiency before finalizing the vendor. Here we share some tips to proceed with an ERP vendor situated at long distance.

1) Always ask for company references

It is prime responsibility of a customer to analyse the reliability of the vendor. Company history should be thoroughly checked and information provided by the vendor about their offices and previous clients must always be cross verified. Most good ERP vendors provide the reference list with an up-to-date contact information including: company, name, title, email/phone number, brief on the project details and customization offered. If you encounter any discrepancies, it is advisable to back out immediately.

2) Evaluate the expertise

Experienced is gained in due course of time. Select a vendor who has a reputed name in the market and has delivered quality solutions to your counterparts. Every vendor provides basic ERP solution, but you must look for the depth of functionalities meeting your requirements and the scope of customization.

3) Technology covalence

Make sure that the overseas vendor has in-depth knowledge about technology prevailing in your country. Moreover, the vendor should know about local taxation procedures and compliance requirements too, so that their solution can incorporate all this in the product database for smooth functioning.

4) Document the deed

All the discussions between the vendor and customer regarding product offering, price, upgrades, support and service charges should be documented and signed under a contract as per the laws of both the countries. This avoids miscommunication, confusion and room for disagreement.

5) Constant communication keeps the bridge intact

Communication can make or break any project’s success; therefore both vendor and client must participate equally and actively to keep a check on the progress of the project. Communication gap must be avoided to get regular updates and to diagnose any loose end. The communication should be periodic and consistent for a cordial vendor-client relationship.

6) Ask for a dedicated personnel on site

Collaboration of implementation expert and the staff is extremely important for the smooth journey throughout the association. You must assign a team of your employees to coordinate with the vendor team along with monitoring their progress. You must keep one point-of-contact for all the communications in order to keep a record for future reference.

In a nutshell, don’t let this expensive and crucial collaboration get affected due to some minor mistakes. Just follow the above piece of advice and draw the benefit of out-of-the-box functionalities of ERP by an expert vendor, even if it is across the border. By being watchful, alert and prepared, you can bring a long-distance project association to a rewarding conclusion. If you have got any queries related to ERP, visit us at


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