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Diwali celebration

Diwali is considered to be the biggest, and most auspicious festival Indians celebrate. As a matter of fact, the festival of lights is celebrated across the globe by the Indian diaspora in its true spirit and religiosity.

Being the goddess of wealth, wisdom, and prosperity, Laxmi is worshipped for spiritual prosperity, material abundance, and to remove the troubles that prevent businesses from prospering. Businesses, thus, leave no stone unturned to keep their premises clean, and do everything it takes to please Goddess Laxmi.

There’s one surefire way though, through which businesses can be certain of getting blessed by the Goddess of wealth and prosperity-by deploying an ERP software. In fact, an ERP software is the best gift a process manufacturing organization could gift its business this Diwali!

2020 has been tough!

It’s no surprise that the businesses, just so as others, have suffered this year. Covid-19 has had major implications on businesses across industries, and has left them reeling with challenges such as financial losses, reduction in productivity, decrease in consumer confidence reducing the consumption, need of more innovative and quality products, supply chain disruptions, workforce unavailability, etc.

This Diwali, thus, is all the more special, as it brings with it the hope, optimism, positivity, and light to end the darkness emanated by the pandemic. At the same time, Diwali also brings with it an opportunity to put the lessons learned from Covid-19 like the need to make the businesses more resilient, digitized, and to have a business continuity plan in place, into practice.

So, this Diwali, the best gift organizations can give to their business is resilience to its supply chain, digitization & automation to its critical processes, greater collaboration amongst its different functions, and better preparedness in general, to meet uncertainties with confidence.

In a nutshell, that best gift this Diwali could be BatchMaster ERP software

With its end-to-end manufacturing ERP software suite built for process manufacturers, BatchMaster has been serving industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, paints & coatings, specialty chemicals, personal care & cosmetics, along with their various micro verticals, for over 30 years now.

A solution for every industry

Its industry-focused solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of the heavily-regulated process manufacturing industries. Offering deep functionality and unmatched business value, these tailored ERP software solutions help businesses streamline their operations, and bring products to market in a faster and cost-effective manner.

Let us quickly run you through the many reasons of having BatchMaster ERP as an ally for your business’ overall well-being:

Built for the process manufacturers, by the process manufacturers

The amalgamation and coming together of expertise gained through in-depth understanding of key process manufacturing concepts, and experience gained through serving different process industries for three decades, has allowed BatchMaster to attain and sustain excellence in creating software solutions that meet your business’ most unique needs.

This is made possible through a gamut of dedicated modules such as Bill-of-materials, product development, R&D and formulation management, planning and procurement, inventory management & control, production, Quality Control, compliance, sales, et al., which are tailor-made for formula-based industries.

Multi-platform availability

You can choose your perfect deployment option, as BatchMaster offers solutions on-premise, on cloud, and on web. Its on-premise solutions give you complete control over your growing business. And, you can move to its best-in-class cloud ERP software— which is completely secure and has a disaster recovery facility running 24×7—faster, safer, and cheaper.

As far as its web ERP is concerned, it allows you to manage your business on-the-go, through any internet compatible device, using just the URL and a web browser, and enjoy unmatched speed, security, and continuity.

Robust integration capabilities

BatchMaster’s ERP software solutions are integrable to the core, which means you don’t lose your sleep over moving to a new software platform. It ensures you don’t abandon your existing financial software such as Tally, Sage 300, Tata Ex, QuickBooks, ACCPAC, SOLOMON, etc. as they all can be seamlessly integrated with BatchMaster ERP.

SAP Business One trusts BatchMaster

BatchMaster has much more to offer than its integration capabilities. One of its prominent offerings “BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One” is built-in SAP Business One ERP software, and not integrated. It’s a potent combination of SAP Business One’s proven credentials and BatchMaster’s process manufacturing capabilities.

While over 3,88,000 customers trust SAP Business One across the globe, SAP Business One itself trusts BatchMaster for its process manufacturing capabilities.

And, there are many more reasons…

There is a plethora of benefits BatchMaster’s ERP software solutions offer to your business. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Enhanced productivity: By automating your core business functions, and bringing all the stakeholders on the same page, BatchMaster ERP facilitates better collaboration and coordination, and helps improve employee efficiency as well as organizational productivity.

Stronger, more resilient supply chain: With its supply chain planning, inventory management, order management, and procurement capabilities, BatchMaster ERP helps ensure your supply chain becomes strong, resilient, and better prepared for the future uncertainties.

Compliance, quality, and traceability: With BatchMaster, you get a robust platform that facilitates adherence to industry & government regulations, cGMP norms, and allows recording maintenance, and helps maintain excellent quality standards as well as gain end-to-end traceability.

Flexibility & scalability: BatchMaster’s offerings can easily and efficiently handle different languages, currencies and accounting standards, and manage your multi-location business. What’s more, they grow with your business, which means adding new processes, departments, users, etc. to the system isn’t a problem.

Improved business insights: With BatchMaster, you enjoy a 360-degree view of your business, as you get visibility across various business functions through relevant & out-of-the-box reports, various dashboards, and the inbuilt business intelligence capabilities that provide accurate facts and figures and allow you to make faster and more informed business decisions.

Better picture of business financials: You also get a birds-eye view of your financial position at any given time, with BatchMaster ERP. This makes your business more responsive, as you can respond dynamically to the demands of the ever-evolving business environment.

Wrap up

Covid-19 has given us lifelong lessons, besides reinforcing the fact that change is the only constant, and that you need to be prepared to face the forced change the future throws upon you. Manufacturing businesses have learned it the hard way that how being proactive is better than being reactive, and how it is essential to have a business continuity plan in place.

In a rapidly changing business environment, moving forward with complex supply chains, and disparate applications, is strictly not recommended. You need a software like BatchMaster ERP which steers clear your business of all the chaos and confusion, and helps embark on the path of growth.

Want to know more about how BatchMaster can light up your business this Diwali, and add sparkle and shine of profitability to it, call our experts to fix a free demo today.


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BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. With an in-depth industry analysis, gained through a vast industry experience with over 2000 implementations worldwide, we clearly understand the unique industry challenges. BatchMaster offers ERP solutions that are apt to support industry specific operations and handles critical processes of the micro-verticals. Process manufacturing companies around the globe have come to rely upon BatchMaster® to manage nearly every aspect of their manufacturing distribution, finance & accounting, Quality Control, Compliance and HR- related operations. With headquarter in Laguna Hills, BatchMaster has its offices in New Jersey, India and New Zealand.
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