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BatchMaster for Polyurethane – A Step Towards a Sustainable and Greener Tomorrow

Tsunami, that hit Fukushima Daiichi, Japan, on March 11, 2011, has turned out be an eye opener. It has exposed the disastrous side of the damaged nuclear reactors, used for generating energy, on the environment. All the countries in the world are reassessing their options of various sources of energy. While the hunt for alternate sources of energy, from environment-friendly, renewable, and recyclable products has gained momentum, there is an increased emphasis on the use of environmentally sustainable products. Under these circumstances, Polyurethane is emerging as the product of choice more than ever.

Interest in Polyurethane Coatings is growing rapidly because it offers several advantages. First, these coatings products play an important role in moving closer to an environmentally sustainable world by reducing some greenhouse gas emissions. These coating products are generally safer to use due to their decreased levels of flammability and health risk. Second, these products demonstrate high chemical and abrasion resistance, excellent electrical properties, and very low-temperature cure due to the exothermic nature of the polymerization. On a cost-per-mile of thickness, they are very cost-effective.

Polyurethane Coating amplifies air quality with a negligible addition to global warming. Being long-lasting, renewable and recyclable, it aids as a valuable element for energy preservation, conservation, and recovery.

Though most of the Polyurethane manufacturers find an ERP to be the need of time to handle the growing complexity of their business, it’s the cost of immense customization to make the ERP suitable for their needs and the long duration of implementation that’s holding them back. But, leading Polyurethane manufacturers find BatchMaster ERP for Polyurethane to be mature due to its successful use in this sector since last many years. They find BatchMaster to be the only out-of-box software which understands their industry very well. It fits their business like a glove and forms a solid foundation on which they can grow their business exponentially. BatchMaster has proven to be an ideal partner meeting their three major requirements of Innovation and reformulation, Compliance, Quality and Safety, and Inventory Management.

Continuous Innovation and Reformulation: BatchMaster is amongst the very few software available in the marketplace which has been designed to support innovations and development of new formulations. It provides an option to view two formulae on the same Laboratory module screen. The impact of changes made to one of the linked formulas on the final product can be assessed in the real time in terms of physical properties, volatility, and hazards. BatchMaster, being ERP software has full integration of all the modules. It allows the manufacturers to use lab developed formula immediately for production with no delay. In addition, strong Formula Management module of BatchMaster provides strict control over all the versions of formula, modification rights only to the authorized personnel, maintains privacy and security of the formula required for filing patents of the proprietary products. The fact that all the versions of formula are archived, it is very easy to revert back to any, if required.

Adept Resource Management: Robust Inventory module of BatchMaster provides complete control over the business processes to maintain a minimum stock and keep costs in line, without missing any profitable opportunities. It allows them to define inventory by item type, location, or physical properties of any raw material. All inventory items from raw material, packaging to Finished Product are accurately tracked and monitored. Being fully online with tight integration with all modules, it is always accurate and is continuously updated in real-time. Various issue method like LIFO, FIFO etc. makes sure that you use the correct inventory before it expires.

Compliance, Quality, and Safety: Polyurethane manufacturers have to ensure the safety of their employees, applicator and the end-user to comply with OSHA. BatchMaster has a robust MSDS/Reach database that permits manufacturers to incorporate health hazard instructions as part of the work order during production and development for the safety of your workers. In addition, it provides the option of printing these MSDS/Reach instructions in multiple languages for the safety of end-users. It has proven to be very useful in situations where clients of Polyurethane manufacturers are at diverse locations around the globe. Also, complete integration of BatchMaster’s strong Quality Control module with the other business processes along with several options like the creation of quality test cases, quality characteristics, parameters and expected results; fulfills most of the compliance requirements for expansion of the business globally.

Moreover, ‘BatchMaster ERP for Polyurethane’ is a completely integrated ERP roping together all the modules with extended functionalities that meet all the specific demands of Polyurethane manufacturers. ‘BatchMaster for Polyurethane’ continues to be a true partner of Polyurethane manufacturers in their journey for a sustainable and greener tomorrow.


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