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BatchMaster announces QualityMaster - the GenNex, complete, flexible and proven quality management software

BatchMaster Software, the leading provider of numerous business IT solutions, today announced the launch of QualityMaster, an end-to-end and flexible quality management software. It is a GenNex suite of solutions that provides a closed-loop approach for quality management, from product designing to manufacturing on the shop floor and back again.

"We developed QualityMaster to help businesses find flaws in processes and procedures by giving an access to real-time qualitative data. This allows them to quickly address issues, increase efficiency, and make a positive impact by addressing bottlenecks and problems in operations.”, said Mr. Sanjay Panjwani, Managing Director at BatchMaster.”

In an effort to allow companies to use the word QualityMaster as a synonym for ISO 9001, the solution has been built with a number of modules namely, Document Control, Advanced SOP Control, Change Management, Audit Management, NC, CAPA, Complaint Management, etc., to operate as a single platform for all quality and compliance related needs.

Being a cloud-based QMS software, it creates a single source of truth for products, process, and quality data, ensuring that each stage of the process is synchronized and compliant while also providing traceability and transparency. It allows all relevant stakeholders to quickly communicate, store operational processes, and retrieve records.

By eliminating paper documents, BM QualityMaster speeds up communication, handles changes, manages training, and reduces review, approval, and delivery time. It even allows safe keeping all the documents, SOPS, policies, etc. in one place so that stakeholders may readily access them using a secure login and password.

"The technological foundation of QualityMaster is based on five value pillars: gain immediate visibility, increase productivity, meet compliance standards, achieve better results, and reduce cost of quality", said by Mr. Sanjay Panjwani.


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