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Distribution Network Management Software: One Stop Solution for Effective Distribution Management

One of the core elements of marketing involves a complex process, Distribution. An effective network of distributors makes the management and sales cake walk for manufacturers.

But, relying on old techniques to manage the network of distributors and outlets having different locations, weakens this element of marketing, and adds more complexities to the task.

Distributors play a significant role in keeping the lines with consumers, and it becomes more vital for the manufactures planning or having their reach to numerous locations. Setting up a direct sales network with the geographically distributed clientele, is a hard nut to crack.

Hence, to serve this purpose of manufacturers, a coherent system needs to be developed to lubricate the process of distribution and streamline your all POS activities carried out across all the locations.

Here the concept of Distributor Network Management (DNM) proves to be of great significance.

As its name suggests, DNM is a system that provides a unified and centralized platform to manufacturers that helps them efficiently monitor and raise standards of the set of POS activities being carried out by the group of their distributors or outlets.

Along with focusing the areas where customer touch points exist, viz. retailers, dealers, franchise, etc., it streamlines and elevates the activities of dealers/retailers of maintaining the same quality to the customers across all locations.

The DNM system is a pro tool designed to address the challenges in the manufacturer-distributor channel.

To serve your all purposes across this channel, DNM has clubbed a separate POS system to manage the POS activities of an individual distributor or outlet, and an ERP support for manufacturers/dealers to smoothly carryout the financial transactions.

How does Distributor Network Management help?

As mentioned above, DNM offers both functionalities of a POS and an ERP as well. Thus, the features of this combined system sweep a wide area, serving your every purpose related to the distributor’s management –

  • It allows you to create, search and reprint invoices and establish links with customers and salespersons.
  • Cut the chaos by automating RMA (Return Material Authorization) process that involves checking the timely return of the product, and transferring it back to inventory.
  • Make payments simple by accepting and managing cash, cheques, wallets, UPIs, gift cards and bank transfers. Adding to this, seasonal offers, spot discounts, festive offs, and other offers can be easily added with just a few clicks.
  • DNM keeps a tab on your inventory also allowing you to sync all your stores/outlets and keeping the inventory details at your fingertips. Moreover, it automatically updates inventory and accounts receivable records once the transaction is over.
  • It makes financial operations across the entire channel easier than ever. It enables manufacturers to transfer cash register’s amount from one terminal to other, and add opening balance from any cash account to terminal.
  • Makes it smoother for distributors to accept partial payments from customers against purchased items. Also, preventing the situations of overdue outstanding invoices.

BatchMaster: A trusted and known partner

Right from the inception, BatchMaster has been synonymous to efficiency and productivity.

It is a breeding ground for technological innovations that have always focused on making manufacturing simple.

Adding to the streak, BatchMaster DNM is a new product designed to streamline the distribution process and providing a unified and safe platform to manufacturers.

The system is especially developed to cater to the various needs of manufacturers or dealers who work with a network of channel partners, C&F distributors or wholesalers.

Whether it’s a single store or a channel of 100’s, BatchMaster DNM enables you to manage every single distributor-oriented activity.

What makes it the best-in-class is the robust combination of POS system and an ERP software that not only improves the standards of POS activities, but also gives greater visibility into financial and inventory processes being carried out at all locations.

Business benefits of BatchMaster DNM

BatchMaster DNM offers a broad spectrum of benefits to your business. It has made distribution easier by minimizing manufacturer’s efforts, time and complexities through its host of features like:

  • Whether you have a single or multiple outlets at numerous locations, all information related to sales, inventory, etc. is just a few clicks away and is accessible 24 x 7.
  • The report and insights generated through DNM can help manufacturers assess the situation and demand and aid effective decision making.
  • It’s a scalable software that can be installed easily and involves no hassles when adding new staff, their info, registers, sales channels, locations, etc.
  • The system is a one-time investment that will generate profitable results for longer.
  • The interface designed is easy to use and needs no special requirement or extensive training to get used to it.
  • Along with distributors, the systems keep the data of all your customers across all the locations.

Concluding thoughts

Having a DBM solution can help you forget all the worries of managing a huge network of distributors having varied, distant locations.

Instead it aids gaining control of your distribution channel, increasing your visibility into POS activities with new-age software and eliminating delays, stock-outs and such.

This perfectly structured system is one stop solution for your all distribution needs, enabling manufacturers establish a methodical approach to serve every client equally and with the best service. To get more info on BatchMaster DNM, download our Brochure.


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