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Scale up Vaccine Production Post Approvals, with BatchMaster ERP

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Vaccine development is a complex process. And when we talk about developing a vaccine for a pandemic, it becomes slightly more complicated.

To get to the approval stage is in itself a herculean task, given roughly 20 percent drugs get approval from FDA every year. Before that, manufacturers need to conduct research, and pre-clinical & clinical trials successfully.

And even after a vaccine is approved, the challenges don’t end for the manufacturers, as they face potential roadblocks when it comes to speeding & scaling up production and mass distribution, keeping its safety and efficacy in mind, and ensuring adherence to all the regulatory requirements.

BatchMaster ERP for Vaccine comes to the aid of vaccine manufacturers, who can run their manufacturing operations without delay using its vaccine-business-specific functionalities.

With its master production scheduling (MPS) module, they know precisely how much and when to produce.

Whereas, they also have insights on what, when, and how much to procure to meet the production plan, with material requirement planning (MRP) module. This way, the vaccine manufacturers always have enough inventory available for production, and the batches run as per the schedule.

Besides, this vaccine-specific ERP also gives visibility into critical information on upcoming preventative maintenance and repairs, so that there are no halts, and the production never falls behind the schedule.

Quality Control (QC) is another crucial aspect in vaccine manufacturing, which when not managed properly, can hamper the production and cause delay.

But BatchMaster ERP for Vaccine ensures that quality is a part of every single process at every stage of formula, inventory, procurement, production and sales management.

Using this functionality, the vaccine manufacturers can define QC tests for an item/item group, and manage the results of the test, based on which changes in the ongoing production process can be made.

The manufacturers can also establish library of inspection plans & checklists, and have in-process inspections conducted to check whether the items meet desired specifications or not.

This way, the quality errors can be identified and fixed quickly, the rework can be reduced, and manufacturing operations can go on smoothly.

Basically, an ERP for vaccine manufacturers supports all the manufacturing needs ensuring the production is optimized to balance the demand. One such ERP is BatchMaster ERP for Vaccines. Click to know more about it.


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