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Realign your Planning & Distribution Operations to Meet Huge Vaccine Demand, with BatchMaster ERP


Quite a few pharmaceutical manufacturing companies who are into vaccine manufacturing, are currently locked in a tight race to launch the COVID-19 vaccine.

With Pfizer-BioNTech’svaccine, the first mass coronavirus immunization campaign has begun in the west, and other players are in line to roll out their vaccines, subject to getting the emergency use authorization and requisite approvals.

However, as companies brace themselves for the largest and most complex logistical exercise ever in the form of COVID-19 vaccine distribution, they realize it’s much more difficult than they thought.

Taking the approved vaccine from the lab to the world’s healthcare centers, pharmacies, and practically every nook and corner, in incredibly fast time, is a gargantuan task.

So, the questions arise-

  • How to pull off a well-organized distribution program of the COVID-19 vaccine, or any other vaccine for any future pandemic, for that matter?
  • How to meet the high demand for vaccines, and ensure that it reaches the last person?
  • A vaccine-specific ERP software such as BatchMaster ERP for Vaccine can be of great help in this regard.

While its production planning & scheduling capabilities can play a major role in helping meet the output part of this demand; something which we have already discussed in the previous blogs of this series, an ERP can also assist with a comprehensive vaccine distribution plan, which includes not just controlled distribution, but also vaccine administration, immunization, and post-vaccine monitoring.

BatchMaster ERP offers full support to the different stakeholders in vaccine manufacturing in managing the distribution of safe and effective vaccine to the communities, irrespective of who they are- vaccine manufacturer, government body, healthcare organization, frontline worker, pharma company, or distributor.

BatchMaster ERP, when integrated with BatchMaster’s other in-house tools for fleet as well as personnel tracking and management, and other third-party tools for cold chain management, offer granular visibility into the entire supply chain.

Together these tools allow assigning the duties of delivering vaccines, defining the distribution area, ensuring their movement in temperature-controlled vehicles, and tracking the vaccine deliveries, besides allowing seamless integration and centralized management of this entire data with the data of ERP system.

This means, the key stakeholders in the vaccine supply chain can realign their planning operations in sync with each others’, and meet the vaccine demand as humongous as the current one for COVID-19, which covers the entire humanity. For more details, click here.


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