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batchmaster erp for vaccines

More than 90 vaccines have been formulated for SARS-CoV-2 by R&D teams across the world. And the numbers are still rising!

Researchers are trialing different formulations, some of which have not been used in any licensed vaccine before.

With the start of clinical trials, they are now accelerating the development of vaccine to increase its immune response.

So, is there any promising vaccine platform to help researchers finalize a safe and effective drug? No doubt – it is BatchMaster ERP for Vaccines.

BatchMaster ERP is designed with a special focus to help vaccine manufacturers easily develop and experiment drugs in a sandbox environment.

This, in a way, helps R&D staff to develop and pilot new formulas and explore current formula to meet the drug’s ultimate goal of targeted physical properties and increased effectivity.

During the entire process of R&D and testing, data of master formula is kept completely safe.

And when a research and development team is confident with the results of developed drugs, they can convert the formula to a live production environment with simple clicks.

Across this process, it is essential to collect vaccination related data

  • to facilitate program planning and delivery (e.g., to ensure appropriate vaccine distribution)
  • to assess vaccination program performance (e.g., to assess whether population-level vaccine coverage is achieved)
  • to conduct research (e.g., to conduct vaccine- and corona-related mathematic modelling),
  • to monitor, record and analyze trials information
  • to track distribution at all levels

Tracking entire data from formulation, development, testing, approvals, trials and more

BatchMaster ERP for Vaccines’ Reports, Dashboards and Analytic tools process and convert data into information that speaks for itself and is available in various formats required at various levels.

So, if you are researcher, contact us today to start your journey of developing right drug in right quantity at right time.


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