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How Can ERP Solutions Work for Modern Poultry Farming Needs?

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In recent years, the practice of poultry farming has gained tremendous popularity in both developed and developing countries.

A broad sector that needs close monitoring and management to maximize profits, poultry farming refers to raising domestic fowls, such as chickens, for poultry meat as well as egg production.

Today it is one of the fastest growing segments within the agriculture and food & beverage sector in India, growing at a healthy rate of 8-10 percent per annum.

The factors that are mainly fueling this growth are high per capita income growth, increased demand for food by the world’s population, relatively low prices and gradually shifting consumption pattern from vegetarianism to non-vegetarianism in the urban centers, among others.

However, this accelerated growth of the poultry farming sector and increased demand for animal products has also coincided with the consumer becoming more aware and demanding than ever.

And all this has collectively opened the doors for the challenges to come in.

The industry regulations and profit margins have gotten tighter, end customers have become more informed about the potential health hazards associated with poultry consumption, and thus have become more vocal about the need for more food safety, processes with lower environmental impact, and better animal welfare conditions, and at the same time, the competition has gotten stiffer than ever.

Then there are pressures related to handling of highly-perishable goods, supply-chain related challenges, balancing production to maximize high-margin, minimizing by-products to reduce waste remains, etc.

What exactly are the modern poultry farming needs?

The challenges mentioned above make it important for poultry farmers to manage their business processes such as breeding, hatching, and rearing, processing and overall farm in an efficient manner so as to overcome challenges and script their success story.

In simple words, it is important for poultry farmers to look for tools that can help them meet their modern business needs. But what exactly are the modern poultry farming needs?

First and foremost, the modern poultry industry needs a mechanism that facilitates high production and better quality at a low cost.

This not just helps the poultry farmers stay afloat in the market, but also gain a handy competitive advantage.

Getting that edge over the competitors is yet another modern poultry farming requirement in the wake of rising global competition.

Another major modern poultry farming need is to stay updated about the contemporary poultry farming trends so as to sustain in the industry.

In the last few years, new trends in poultry rearing techniques and innovations for processed chicken meat, medicines, feed additives, health products, equipment and other technical services have made waves.

Then there are the new, mandatory regulatory compliances in regard to food safety, environment protection, and animal welfare; that have come up during this period, becoming one of the topmost modern poultry farming needs.

It has been observed that these trends have changed the dynamics of the poultry farming sector and made it important for the poultry farmers to adapt to the changing times.

With food safety becoming the norm of the day and the end consumers becoming more health conscious than ever, the health of the birds has come under tremendous scrutiny in recent times.

The poultry farmers need a thorough knowledge of looking after the birds during their growing cycle, which includes information such as its dressing percentage, muscle growth, and knowledge of their feeding requirements and overall welfare, including food and water, care, attention, and a suitable environment.

Hence, the move to scientific farming has become yet another modern poultry farming need. As an extension to the previous need, the poultry farmers also need a way to manage various diseases — bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic — that affect the poultry.

Such diseases usually cause huge losses every year to poultry farmers.

How an ERP can help meet those needs?

To meet all these needs, as well as all the business challenges, the poultry farmers need an extremely competent business tool; one that has been carefully designed to help them address all the business challenges, and comes equipped with impeccable industry-specific knowledge along with a proven track record.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that’s tailor-made for the poultry industry is precisely that tool.

An ERP for poultry farming, through its various industry-specific features, helps the poultry farmers with extensive analysis of the market to facilitate the production of safe and high-quality poultry products, adherence to stringent regulatory compliances, inventory, traceability, livestock management to keep the birds healthy, material production and planning et al.

A poultry farming ERP software also acts for the poultry farmers- who operate in the meat & poultry industry- as an integrated supply-chain management solution that helps manage the different aspects of their business.

On the manufacturing front, its unique features help the meat producers track and trace meat and ingredients, measure yields, scale production, capture and manage standard weights, manage shelf life, expiration dates, and by-product and co-product with improved slaughtering and cutting processes for minimal product loss.

BatchMaster ERP for Poultry Farming leads the way

BatchMaster’s ERP offerings have invariably helped different process-manufacturing businesses revolutionize their operations, save costs on all possible fronts, and deliver safe as well as top quality products.

In this business for over 30 years now, BatchMaster provides Poultry Farming ERP Software with low maintenance and ownership cost.

BatchMaster ERP for Poultry Farming provides the poultry farmers an affordable way to manage their value chain right from purchase, inventory management, production, to quality, sales, compliance and finance.

To know more about how it helps your business stay ahead, check out more info about the product here, or write to us at


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