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10 Reasons Poultry Management Software is must for Poultry Industry


Today, poultry industry is facing serious challenges to retain their presence in the global market. Poultry industry has unique defies associated with breeding and growing of chickens, laying and hatching eggs, and maintaining the commercial poultry farms, and therefore, it is in dire need of substantial qualitative, quantitative and technological advancements to not only overcome them, but outsmart them to emerge as a winner.

Considering the benefits of chicken, such as ease of availability, healthy than red meat and takes less cooking time, the poultry business has huge scope in near future. In spite of huge investment in terms of money and effort, the poultry farmers are not getting expected results; they need backup of an expert poultry management software partner to obtain great potential for its shareholders. If you are one amongst the poultry owner struggling with rigid FDA regulatory compliance and suffering due to tight profit margins, then this blog is for you. Read ahead to know top ten reasons why poultry management software is must to create wonders for the farm owners.

1 Adherence to Regulatory Compliance: There are stringent regulatory compliance associated to poultry farm business as birds are prone to diseases and infections in absence of proper vaccinations and medicines, resulting into higher mortality and depletion percentage. Proper methods of poultry farming must be adopted those are approved by regulators at local as well as national levels. Regular medicines and periodic vaccinations are prompted by smart management software. Because a single sick chicken may affect the production of the entire farm and may land the owner into legal compliance trouble, having a proper reminder system is something that just can’t be negotiated by poultry owners.

2 Strong Data Control: Being highly process oriented, the poultry industry needs tight data integration across various subsequent processes like breeding of birds, laying and hatching of eggs, and synchronizing between different commercial farms for uninterrupted supply of feed, medicines and vaccinations. All this is not possible by manual record keeping, you need to have an automated system, which stores all updates and furnishes information in real time as and when required.

3 Enhanced Reporting capabilities: The aspects of lot management, stock management, traceability of even a single egg and transportation of feed indeed need a poultry management software to enhance operational capabilities and boosts transparency in the reporting process. Obtaining real time insights into stock movement and reports reflecting recent market trends are absolutely indispensable if one wish to survive in the highly competitive market.

4 Livestock Management: Is of prime importance for any poultry owner, as healthy and disease free birds are in demand by the much aware new generation customers. For breeding healthy chicken, managing the feed mills and regulating nitrogen and phosphorous content in their excretion is decisive for a healthy and long lasting breed. An intelligent management solution is necessary here as it prevents livestock imbalance.

5 Financial Management: In poultry business, managing finances and up-to-date book keeping is equally important as it is to achieve smoother operational flow. It is not a lay man’s job to handle balance sheet, trial balance and accounts books. One needs an automated financial solution to manage finances minutel,y like calculating cost of production per egg/ chick/ boiler bird/ feed so that the poultry owner can identify the area of losses plus wastage, and control them at right time to continue working on a decent profit margins.

6 Provision for Localization: Considering the widespread establishments of poultry farms across the globe, the provision of localization, which allows a company to operate in various languages and dialects, forms the basic requirement for information exchange and export of eggs and chicken. For poultry farms operating in developing countries, poor infrastructure may prevent companies to venture in international markets, but with the help of poultry management software, even toughest challenges of cross border business operations can be overcome easily.

7 Warehouse Management through Handheld devices: Since poultry farms are spread in large acres of land for cages, feeding units and warehouses located at multiple locations, the employees need additional functionalities for advanced mobility within intra company communications. Warehouse Management modules specially enabled with physical count, stock-in, stock-out capabilities, etc. and operable on multiple handheld devices prove extremely useful in the field work. The device performs incremental work and can be synchronized with the database to update information in real time from any remote location.

8 Inventory Management: Poultry business involves extensive and frequent sales and purchase transactions. A good management software has the provision for incoming and outgoing inventory, bird count, and feed and medicine movements from the warehouse gates. Additionally, proper management of waste like egg shells, feathers and bird excretion in terms of by-product of the industry, which becomes the source of additional income for the owner, is crucial too and can be handled by an ERP aptly.

9 Advanced traceability & Supply Chain Management: The supply chain is also extensive and complicated for poultry business. The out of the box functionalities of poultry management software allows poultry owners to have complete visibility in the supply chain so that an infected chicken or even a foul egg can be traced easily for recalling. With tight control over entire supply chain, the efficiency and customer satisfaction is greatly enhanced as costly delays, recalls and wastage is prevented to a great extent.

10 User Friendly Interface: The poultry business involves rapid employee movement due to its dynamic nature. Poultry management software usually are extremely user-friendly so that an employee; whether fresher or an expert is equally comfortable while using it. Hence, employee rotation and replacement doesn’t affect the execution of various processes. Thus, the use of poultry management software is not too difficult even for those who are not that much tech-savvy, however, it certainly results into exceptional benefits for the great improvements in business performances.

Cutting the long story short, an efficient poultry management software such as Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) is responsible for improved efficiency, accountability, and predictability of various business operations along with extensive analysis of market scenario to bring reliable and quality poultry products to the consumer. Plus the reporting capabilities help to embrace the newest regulatory compliance with extreme ease. It also proves to be a helping hand to the top management in getting real time information and accurate data to make much informed decisions, grow the business, and create value for the stakeholders. For more information and assistance in poultry management, contact us.


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