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Ensure right dosage of vaccine in every vial, with BatchMaster ERP

erp software for vaccine industry

Recently, a dosing error was acknowledged by AstraZeneca and Oxford University during the trials of the COVID-19 vaccine, which they are developing together. The error, which occurred since the vials used during the trial didn’t have the right concentration of vaccine, put its efficacy claim under scanner, as sometimes even the slightest deviation can cost life, or jeopardize it seriously!

When the world is waiting for the COVID-19 vaccine with baited breath, the manufacturers simply can’t rely on hit and trial, because it is bound to result in manufacturing/dosing errors. What they need is a robust system to ensure precisely the right amount of vaccine is present in every vial to trigger the best immune response.

BatchMaster ERP for Vaccine comes closest to ideal such system, helping the vaccine manufacturers get their dosage right. Its comprehensive formulation management, laboratory, and BOM modules allow them to design a formula based on physical properties like potency and strength/concentration of active ingredient etc., to meet the exact requirement for the dosage, and to avoid any manufacturing error while developing the vaccine.

Besides, the vaccine manufacturing ERP software from BatchMaster also ensures strict adherence to all the necessary processes and protocols during all the stages of production. As a result, the manufacturers get the assurance of right dosage of vaccine in every single vial, every single time! For more details, visit



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