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Why Supply Chain Leaders Are Moving To The Cloud?


Multiple departments, numerous processes, and thus, a HUGE amount of data. Yes! This is what a supply chain leaders have to deal with on a regular basis. Using this data only, they are able to have a real-time insight on manufacturing operations and are able to analyse the current as well as future situation. Indeed, this is the way to which they meet the customers’ expectations, improves production, and reduce costs.

For this, supply chain leaders have inclined towards adopting an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). An ERP that integrates with their operational flow and brings the real-time information at their desk right at the click of a button. But, what frustrates them is- LONG AND COMPLICATED ERP IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS. Their business needs speed. Delivering innovation to market at a faster pace is the need of the hour for them.

So, supply chain leaders have found an alternative to on-premise ERP solution and that is a Cloud ERP. So, let’s have a look at the benefits that tempted them to shun their long used ERP solutions and move to the cloud.

Benefits of Moving Manufacturing Businesses To The Cloud

1. Faster Innovation

Storing data in the cloud eliminates the need for arranging, operating, and managing the hardware. Since the staff is not involved in handling hardware, they are free to focus on their core business mission i.e. innovating and bringing new products to market faster.

2. Smoother Collaboration

Collaborating with salespersons and production managers is a bit complex and time-consuming process. Moreover, it is often a failure. But, with the cloud, this can be performed much smoothly. The orders can be taken right at the field and can be notified to the production manager in a single click and right at the moment.

3. Reduced IT Expenditure

Manufacturers have a huge amount of data at their end. That demands expensive servers and costly maintenance. Additional expenditure for them! But, a cloud ERP can relieve them from this burden.

4.Robust Data Security

Data is an asset for their business. It links every process information with itself. Sales, production, purchase, inventory, quality checks, etc. – all of this information is crucial. Moreover, it is irreplaceable, and actually risky if it falls into the wrong hands. So, protecting it is a must.

And, cloud computing takes good care of their entire data. It involves significant processes that keep your data safe and confidential. Right from protecting data to preventing unauthorized intrusions, manufacturers can rely on it.

5.Anytime, Anywhere & From Any Device AccessDevice Access

Multiple-sites, multiple-plants along with a huge network of C&Fs, Super Stockists, Distributors, Retail Chains, Wholesalers and OTCs are the part of their environment. Who handles them all? A troop of workforce sometimes in-house from the office and most of the times from field that may be at different locations and also different time-zones Keeping them collaborated and connected all the time and providing them with the flexibility to punch-in orders, feedbacks, requirements and more, is the Cloud platform which can be enabled just through an internet connection practically over any device like, desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.


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