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What is a Food Formulation Software?

Food formulation software

Recipes to food manufacturers are as important as formulas to chemical manufacturers. They are the set of ingredients along with their proportions and important instructions to deliver consistent outcome.

Just like the way missing even one ingredient can cause disaster for chemical manufacturers, a pinch of baking powder can convert a pancake to a birthday cake.

Recipes Management Software

Thus, following recipes accurately is very important for food manufacturers to deliver consistent results.

Role of recipes is not only restricted to the kitchen

Recipes are one of the most important and deciding factors for food manufacturers when it comes to introducing innovation.

Challenges like: meeting regulations, determining accurate yet profitable product cost, adapting to changes in material supplies, and more, are very common for the R&D teams in food manufacturing industry.

And, to address them all efficiently, the food manufacturers must assess product recipes more often. Also, they must meet customer-specific demands without compromising on product quality and business’ profit margin.

Therefore, while developing recipes, it is very important to consider allergens, nutritional values, and prices of raw materials.

The manufacturers need to make sure that the total costing of a new recipe should not exceed the targeted budget.

This is where the food formulation software steps in!

Having to juggle through these various challenges, food manufacturers need to add a dash of the software in their process of manufacturing.

Food formulation software – the artistic tool to produce and reproduce a delicious food item

A food formulation software becomes a mandatory tool for manufacturers to produce and reproduce a delicious food item. It not only offers the ability to maintain and retrieve the recipes, but also assures they are safe and accurate to use in production.

Let us read on further to discover what more a formulation management software for food recipe offers, and how it helps manufacturers with numerous benefits.

Benefits of food formulation software
  • Ensures consistent deliciousness 

Formulation management software for food recipe keeps the track of ingredients, their quantity in required UOM, and special manufacturing instructions.

Also, it offers the flexibility of UOM conversion to help staff spend more time on business growing activities, and less time on error-prone and complex calculations. Thereby, enhancing innovation and reducing time-to-market.

  • Quickly adapts to material changes

Unavailability of Raw materials due to seasonality or shortage is quite common in food manufacturing.

For handling it efficiently, formulation software for food recipe comes with the functionality to substitute a material with the new available material by dynamically adjusting the quantity to ensure the same outcome. 

  • Enhances customers’ satisfaction

Consumers, these days, are well aware more aware than ever. 

They always want to know the details about the products before they purchase them and thus now look for the list of ingredients, nutritional values, where the product is manufactured, its shelf-life, etc.

A software for food formulation helps with this concern as well. It accurately generates labels for food products to satisfy consumers’ need and build trust.

  • Easily complies with regulation

Maintaining electronic records to view detailed history of recipe versions, quickly generating reports about recipes (created, modified, or executed), and keeping the entire data safe with e-signatures, a software for food formulation helps manufacturers comply with regulations such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP.

  • Always ensures high quality

Software for food formulation endeavors to ensure that every recipe to be used in production has been properly tested, analyzed, and approved.

In case of non-conformance, it creates a record of the same and looks for preventive measures.

  • Ensures Use of the correct Recipe version

Managing recipes becomes complex when they need modification. Modified recipes need to go through a quality evaluation process before they come into the use.

Thus, there are chances that the food manufacturers may use a recipe which has not been approved.

With this consideration, automated formulation software for food manufacturing defines statuses for every recipe.

This ensures that once the recipe adjustments have been made and approved, only then the status of the approved recipe version becomes “active”, and is available for use in production.

  • Keeps recipes totally secured

Limiting user permissions to access, modify, define, or delete recipes is an important aspect of the formulation software for food manufacturing.

With this, the software not only prevents unauthorized modifications in recipes, but also ensures the magic of the secret ingredients is not revealed to the competitors.

  • Automates cost calculations for a recipe

By managing, organizing, and analyzing recipes, a food formulation system makes a manufacturer’s life a whole lot easier.

But it also becomes a truly helpful tool when it tracks the costs of ingredients, labor, overheads, etc. and precisely calculates the total cost of a recipe.

The icing on the cake is the software’s capability to optimize recipe in order to achieve the targeted budgetary goals.

Are you looking for the best food formulation software? If so, be sure to check BatchMaster ERP

BatchMaster ERP for Food is a purpose-built solution for food formulation designed to help the food manufacturers manage supply chain, effectively manage recipes, minimize safety risks, achieve right nutritional value, and reduce wastage.

ERP software for food manufacturing

Developed with focus on micro-verticals, BatchMaster’s ERP solutions best fit to the specific needs of various food & beverage’s sub-industries.

In other words, it is the perfect solution for anything from meat processing to bakery, sweets to poultry, dairy to edible oil and practically all verticals.

For more information on BatchMaster ERP for Food and its benefits, please do not hesitate in contacting the experts.


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