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Top Three Ways to Reduce ERP Workarounds During Implementation


Workarounds are sometimes the result of teething troubles faced due to recent ERP implementations, sometimes due to the inability of ERP to perform the desired task and sometimes even due to the discomfort of the staff with the ERP software. Whether a teething problem or a regular adoption, workarounds simply endanger the business and its growth. Although no ERP solution is perfect, the adoption of workarounds question the effectiveness of the ERP solution chosen and should be kept at bay.

What’s the reason behind?

While the reasoning behind a workaround may be sound, their use often means that critical ERP functions are ignored and the system integrity is affected. Let’s know the reasons responsible for workarounds.

1 Improper implementation

An unplanned execution without any tool to measure the results always lands you in trouble. Once you progress with the routine work, you experience unexpected hurdles. Ultimately, you might have to invest chunks to overcome the hassle along with figuring alternatives to accomplish the goals, bringing about workarounds.

2 Insufficient training

As the old saying goes “little knowledge is dangerous and harmful”. When untrained or not adequately trained labours try to operate the ERP, the results might be disastrous at times. To cover up the disasters, workarounds are the only mode of rescue.

3 Less employee engagement

If the staff isn’t involved in the initial stage of transition, they tend to lose hands on the capabilities that aids them in operating ERP efficiently. This inefficient working process produces scopes for mistakes and in turn workarounds.

4 Inefficient mapping of operations

Another loophole that gives space to malfunction to creep in is when ERP fails to map the actual operations of the industry. It is obvious when the ERP is unfit for the operations, the halts and breakdowns are bound to happen. And a process stopper always triggers a workaround.

How to avoid workarounds?

Here are the top three ways to reduce the need to employ ERP workarounds.

1 Go ahead with experts

One of the most important steps in avoiding the workarounds is ensuring that you are fully on-board with the ERP experts and market leaders. They understand the implementation process well and being experienced in the field they know what is to be done, how it is to be done and when it is to be done.

2 Set a benchmark and design blueprint

A plan always helps to proceed in a certain direction with a time bound short term goals. Moreover, results should be measured with proper tools and periodically. This way you avoid derailment from the pre-decided set of actions, and ultimately the situations that gives birth to ERP workarounds.

3 Rigorous training

Establishing effective workforce training is the key to keep circumstances that encourages ERP workaround at bay. An effective, interactive, and workshop-based training module is responsible to establish a proficient workforce. This workforce will embrace the new developments heartily and will produce a quantifiable return on the money and time invested.

All the factors discussed above together will result in maintaining the much needed system consistency, ultimately eliminating the need for workarounds. If you have more ways to reduce workarounds, please share with us in the comment box below.


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