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How Web Based ERP is a Perfect fit for Growing Businesses

Web based ERP Software

For any business, the key to conducting its operations successfully lies in effective planning, management, and utilization of resources, which allows allocation of right resources in the right areas, and eventually, paves way for efficient execution of business projects. 

Resources being the operative term here, it is important for the businesses to have a resource management system in place.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has been doing that job for businesses of all types and sizes for many decades now. 

Traditionally being housed at a company’s premises and maintained by the company’s IT staff, the ERP has come a long way since, evolving with the advancements in technology.

Today, businesses have easy choices to own an ERP software without having to invest in any hardware or data center. 

Modern ERP for modern-day businesses 

The technological advancements have brought along with them a host of challenges for the modern businesses.

The digital disruption has brought along more data sources, more complex business models, and more avenues such as mobile, social, analytics and many other technological innovations.  

While these advancements have also opened up a world of opportunities, it is clear that old monolithic ERP systems are not capable of supporting these demands, addressing these challenges, and helping cash in on these new opportunities.  

This fast-paced, dynamic, and ever-changing business environment necessitates fast action and real-time connectedness with the business. 

With responsiveness and agility being the key, what businesses need is an agile system that can keep them ahead in this hyper-connected age. 

Web based ERP system

Enter Web ERP software 

A web based ERP software brings in a lot of agility, mobility, flexibility, and convenience- just the traits the modern businesses look for in their ERP software. 

It allows its users to perform virtually any business function on the move, using just an internet-enabled device, the ERP URL, and a web browser. 

As a result, the users can perform multiple tasks with easy and efficiency, and in the process, save time, money and other vital resources. 

What’s more, it is also extremely easy to use, and quick to implement, and offers a host of other benefits to the businesses. 

Through this blog, let’s take a look at seven reasons why web based ERP is ideal for growing businesses: 

Web based manufacturing software

1. You can take it anywhere–For any growing and forward-looking organization, the ability to control its business from anywhere, anytime, and any device is critical.

A web ERP offers that ability, allowing employees to access information whenever and wherever they need it – just using a device with internet connection. 

This means, for example, the sales guys can access inventory levels, order statuses, and more- all while on the go, using a compatible device such as tablet, phone, or a laptop, and any platform- Windows, Android, iOS, or any other operating system, while updating and uploading all the data on cloud in real-time, irrespective of low internet bandwidth. 

2. It’s a ‘Plug and Play’ ERP – Gone are the days when businesses would settle for a tedious and time-consuming ERP implementation project.

In the present-day fast-paced business environment, more and more growing businesses demand an ERP solution that can be up and running in virtually no time. 

This is where the web based ERP system gain significance. They don’t need any extra application to run, and in fact run with just a URL.

Besides being set-up at a much faster rate, a web ERP even allows customizations to the basic design at a relatively rapid pace, making it an ideal choice for the growing businesses. 

3. It is highly scalable – For growing businesses, business growth comes with a number of challenges such as more customers, and more requirements in terms of processing data and managing resources. In order to cater to their fluctuating business needs, businesses need an ERP that can easily scale up and down. 

A web ERP solution fits the bill perfectly in this regard. It is highly scalable, and reduces the complexity associated with growth by allowing the businesses to scale up their operations efficiently when demands are higher, and scale down when they aren’t. 

4. It reduces costs significantly – A web ERP software facilitates optimization of resources. It keeps a lid on labor headcount, operational costs, and other key areas as a business grows.

This way, it can offer significant savings on cost, as well as other valuable resources. 

Additionally, with no implementation required, a web ERP software can offer significant savings as the organization doesn’t have to invest in powerful servers, and other hardware equipment on the IT front, and also on maintaining the servers, support, upgrades’ installation, service packs, and security fixes. 

5. It is faster–Built using advanced technology; a web ERP injects agility into the business.

Facilitating the flow and access of real-time information across departments, offering accurate and timely insights, workflows and alerts, and through in-context analytics, it ensures that the right information reaches to the right person at the right time, at the pace the business demands. 

This timely access to information and faster reporting allows business owners and stakeholders to respond to the dynamic needs of their customers quickly, and make more informed, accurate, and data-driven business decisions at the right time. 

6. It is secure – With business operations becoming more and more data intensive, ensuring data privacy and security has become paramount for the businesses.

The recent increase in cyber security attacks has only accentuated the need to put in place data security and privacy protocols. 

A web ERP system offers a higher degree of information safety and ensures secure encryptions, allowing businesses to comply with standard data privacy regulations and follow predefined procedures to forecast risks and respond to malicious activities. 

7. It offers assortment of benefits – A web ERP software also offers a wide range of other benefits to the businesses, which are mentioned below: 

  • Higher operational speed with minimum manual effort 
  • Increased visibility and collaboration opportunities across business functions 
  • Ability to turn out products faster 
  • Solutions to fit the needs of businesses at any level and in any industry 
  • Functionality to unlock the power of mobile devices 
  • Regular, faster, and easier updates without affecting the workflow 
  • Improved business performance through increased operational efficiency 
  • Consistent user experience across a range of compatible devices   

Final words 

Web based manufacturing software is a great package of mobility, convenience, scalability, cost-efficiency, agility, security and utility for any business, including the process manufacturing businesses. With a number of benefits to offer, it is undoubtedly the solution for the future. 

BatchMaster offers best-in-class web based ERP system ‘BME Web’, which is tailor-made for process manufacturing businesses such as pharma, food & beverage, paints, cosmetics, and specialty chemicals’ manufacturing, Connect with our experts by writing to us and to learn more about it, or for a free demo.


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