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Reasons to Ask for ERP Demo before Choosing One

ERP demo

Implementing an ERP system in your organization brings significant changes in working and business processes of your company. Since it’s a onetime major investment that leaves a long-lasting impact on your business operations, many critical factors such as, planning, selection of the vendor, proper training, and knowledge transfer are considered before going for the final plunge. Another such factor for consideration is asking for a product demo before finalizing the solution.

ERP software demo is a promotional activity to demonstrate the highlighting features of the product to the potential customers. The sole agenda of the ERP demo is to introduce customers to the product’s unique features, attract them and ultimately tag the deal into a successful sale. An ERP system demo at an early stage helps you a lot in understanding the product, its strengths and weakness, and scope for customizations in the basic design. This blog helps you to deeply analyze the reasons emphasizing the need for ERP software demo before implementation.

  • Getting familiar with the product– You must be a firm believer of ‘TRY BEFORE YOU BUY’, especially when you are about to invest a significant amount of capital for business enhancement. ERP demos give a clear picture of the ‘SWOT’ (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, & Threat) analysis of the product as per your special business processes and their needs. Usually, demos aim at highlighting the strengths and benefits of a product but can reveal the drawbacks if closely observed by an industry expert. Hence, a detailed demo must be demanded by the customer for its entire decision-making team.
  • Finalize the best suitable vendor– When you are in a state of the dilemma of finalizing one vendor or product from a lot of shortlisted ones, final product demo helps you to take the right decision. It’s because you come face to face with The ERP system soon to be implemented in your organization, you get to judge its compatibility with your current systems, processes, software, and infrastructure.
  • Ease to define ERP strategies– Planning is the stepping stone for the success of ERP implementation. When you go through the product deeply, designing a blueprint to move ahead with the project execution strategies becomes a walk in the park.
  • Helps Redefining business processes– While going through the actual execution of business processes step-by-step during ERP software demo, you get a chance to eliminate redundant and inefficient practices from your system; thus redefining your processes for an enhanced performance. Also, you get to analyze room and scope for customization you desire to have in your ERP software.
  • Helps in budgeting decisions– With ERP demos you get to judge the best-customized solution at the most reasonable price. Moreover, you get a price comparison and quotations of shortlisted vendors during their product demo that helps the top management to take a wise and smart decision considering finances into account.
  • Get an idea about data migration– The current data is significantly important to carry out further business operations with new ERP system. ERP demos give the clear idea about their respective methodologies for data migration, backups, disaster management, training, and post go-live support. You must opt for the one that offers most reliable data migration, periodic data backups, regular training, and support.
  • Get to know the security loopholes– Data security is yet another major concern with the ERP deploying organizations. With a detailed ERP system demo, you get to know the security arrangements provided by the product and service provider.
  • One to one interaction with the vendor– ERP demos give a chance of direct product faceoff with the ultimate users. The customer also gets a chance to cross-question the functionality and features of the product with the ERP representative to clear off all the doubts and apprehensions for a smoother future working.

Thus, a well-executed and planned ERP demo helps a great way to overcome the biggest confusion of ‘Buy or not to buy’.  The prospect has full right to know every detail of the product before making a big investment and ERP demo clears the mist by providing the necessary information. These are eight key reasons reflecting upon the importance of ERP demos according to us. If you have more, share your views on For a free demo of BatchMaster ERP, feel free to ask on


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