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How good is your partner with the post-implementation support and training?

Let’s assume the switch of your SAP Business One is turned ON! Now, once the ERP is implemented, you may face issues you never predicted. However, this is normal!

But, the point is – how do you assure to keep the ERP running as smooth as possible? You will be clueless!

Here we give you the solution and not just the clue – continuous and unwavering post-implementation support. So, here comes the purpose of this seventh part of the series – Always check how good is your partner with the post-implementation support and training.

The value of training and support post implementation should never be underestimated.

  • Training assures all end-users possess required skills to operate the ERP correctly to fulfill their responsibilities
  • Support assures timely response to the issues/bugs encountered by the users while using the software

Good news! We at BatchMaster make sure we are available 24x7x365 for our customers.



Sanjay Panjwani

Sanjay Panjwani is the Managing Director at BatchMaster Software, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturing industries. He’s on a mission to solve business challenges through innovation in ERP solution suites. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.