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Point of Sale System – A Treat for Your Restaurant


So you have decided to buy a Point of Sale (POS) system for your restaurant. Congratulations! Success is surely yours now.

As a single platform to handle complete ‘order-to-billing’ process – a good POS system is at the heart of every popular restaurant. Point of Sale systems have gone under a major transformation from being simply cash registers that executes transactions, record payments, and generate bills. Today, it has become an essential tool to handle various functions like:

  1. Improving guest service

Profitability and success of restaurants majorly depend upon ease and accuracy of services. Intuitive touch screen eases the process of placing the order. And, as soon as the order is placed, it is sent directly to the kitchen. This helps kitchen managers to promptly and accurately take the orders.

  1. Delighting customer experience

Schemes and promotions always attract customers. And, POS lets you easily apply multiple offers and spot discounts on the amount or percentage of cost targeting special occasions, happy hours, etc.

  1. Tracking Sales

Generating detailed reports on sales insights, POS aids analysis of business growth and success. Moreover, you can also determine the most and lesser sold item, and improve your overall management.

  1. Easy configuration of Menu

Make it a cake walk to configure or change your restaurant’s menu in no time, including daily pricing, a special dish of the day, or delicious combos encouraging the customers to spot dishes much easily.

  1. Easy tracking of inventory:

Accurately track how many items have been sold or used in preparing placed order and keep a better record of inventory. It helps you to manage an adequate amount of inventory in stock and makes sure that it never lacks in any particular item.

  1. Simpler Returns:

Being in a business where quality matters the most, you cannot do with any material you received. You cannot compromise on your ingredient’s freshness, crispness, colour, breed and such. So returning materials that do not stand upto your expectation is not uncommon for you. But making it simpler is all you wish for. A POS for Restaurant can be a best bet in this case, allowing faster creation of return orders, processing return or scrap (as the case may be) and accordingly updating the inventory.

  1. Multiple payment types and customer accounts

Delivering a fast and better checkout experience to your customers, the POS software facilitates a number of payment options including cash, credit, debit, cheque or account.

As you can see the modern POS system comes with quintessential features. It’s therefore unsurprising that it offers a large number of benefits to your restaurant business. So now, if you’re also planning to buy a new POS system, here is one – BatchMaster POS for Restaurant. It is a fast and secure solution that is flexible enough to support table, counter, kiosk, and captain ordering system all through the touch of your fingers. Click to discover it in detail.



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