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Imagine a car without a dashboard. The car is comfortable, powerful, fuel efficient and has every feature you wish for a car to have. Only one problem: NO DASHBOARD.

Sounds weird, isn’t it?

A dashboard is an informative interface between the driver and the mechanics of the car. Though, it doesn’t deliver every detail about your car; but it does provide the key information – how much fuel you have, what speed you are driving at, or which direction you are moving in – that is much important for you to get the car where you need to go.

A business dashboard plays principally the same role. It brings out your business’ key metrics and measures and visually represents them in a single view.

For every business, certain bits of information will always be the most important. Displaying these bits in an easy-to-understand way, dashboards help in quick analysis, and hence help implement better, smarter, and faster decisions. They provide you a deeper insight on exactly what’s happening in your company by avoiding overloading of redundant data. Precise data makes it easy for you to understand the situation and take the necessary actions required to improve the performance.

This not only improves your performance but also saves time and money by making everyday transactions more intuitive and easier to observe. A dashboard is a better and smarter approach towards decision making.

A logically designed dashboard is an outstanding information management tool.

Considering the overall utility of the dashboards BatchMaster offers an exceptional range of analytical dashboards, which present a clear picture of all the business processes. It enables you to use filters, which extracts data according to your convenience. You can easily spot problem areas and optimize processes, which are not doing well. There are various dashboards available for your various information needs pertaining to various business operations, like QC, Lot Traceability Dashboard, Production Scheduling Dashboard, Labour Analysis, Planning, and Production Dashboards.

QC Dashboards: Gives insight of all the test’s description. Their current status, test applied and their results, user-wise.

Lot Traceability Dashboard: During audits, to and fro traceability is extremely useful. It aids lot recall compliance. The dashboard lists all the information from the vendor to distributor to the ultimate consumer of raw materials as well as finished goods, and vice-versa.

Production Scheduling Dashboards: Offers convenient drag and drop of batches to change the scheduled start and end date on the calendar. Also displays the information about the process cells, time of utilization and details that incorporate the batch information within that particular Schedule. The diversified color code of the schedule determines the unique status of the scheduled batch as New, Planned, Firm Planned, Uploaded, Cancelled, and Deleted and enable their easy identification.

Labour Analysis Dashboards: Provides control of the labor distribution and analysis. Ensures that resources are well used not overloaded and overlapped on various batches. Provides complete information of labor like which labor is working on which batch and for how long.

Planning Dashboards: Efficient MPS and MRP modules lead to effective planning. But having an eagle eye’s view of this information is equally crucial. The Planning dashboard gives real-time information of every detail, including on-hand inventory, sales orders included in planning, forecasted demand, sources of supply, orders planned, ATP, PAB and more. Expand and collapse facility to visualize what to order, when to order and how much to order.

Production Dashboards: Contains all information from batch origin to batch close. Current details of the batch quantity, inspection plan applied, batch status and batch type can be accessed. On expanding, further details like formula ID, process cell, parent batch, order weight and volume can be viewed.

These and many other dashboards are available to meet your minute by minute need of information. With the help of such perfect information, dashboards can help manage a variety of activities and last minute ups and downs in your company with:

  • Interactive views of month, week and day provided
  • Regulated planning and scheduling activities possible on the shop floor itself
  • Real-time and current view of inventory and its valuation for better managing inventory
  • Additional tasks definitions like, cleaning, servicing etc. that needs to be executed apart from the routine production jobs
  • Trend analysis based on sales history
  • Resource (labor, space & Machine) utilization analysis to check if resources are optimally used

Wrapping Up

For certain crucial decisions, your business desperately needs some fast, accurate and reliable source of information. And you need these statistics right away, else you may miss your crucial deadlines, be it for availing vendor discounts, adhering to payment terms, meet shipment dates or any.
With such kind of data visibility and functionality, it’s easy to start making incremental improvements in all the areas of your business. So, what are you waiting for? Switch over to BatchMaster ERP and leverage its high performing dashboards for transforming your business entirely!


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