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5 ways E-commerce Integration with ERP is Essential


As the technology advances, the need of staying abreast is like oxygen for the survival. It is technology that is making the world a small hub with greater accessibility to everything you want, anytime you want, anywhere you want. Yes, you got it right, we are pointing towards the wonderful concept of ecommerce that made it all possible. Today, the key to overcome the competition lies in selling products by employing the mode of E-commerce pipeline. E-commerce is the latest and an effective trend of selling products at low costs by eliminating the unnecessary elements in the supply chain. It has revolutionized the way in which companies do business and communicate with their consumers. It is not only of benefit to consumers as they can buy the product at their convenience, but to business owners too as it expands their reach and thus sales volumes.

Commonly, e-commerce platforms and ERP systems are used separately. Initially they run smoothly, but start creating trouble as the business becomes complex. Business expansion, managing multiple branches and launching web retail stores involve silos of information exchange. Plus the unnecessary manual data entry from one system to another kills a lot of time and effort, but adds up to delays, errors and wastage. Thus, the disintegration between your ERP and e-commerce store results in missing the benefits of seamless operations, as well as enhanced customer experience. The reluctance in adopting the integration may be somewhere related to the cost incurred or business interruption caused by having to modify current systems. However, once you experience the improved operational flow in your entire business, the cost and efforts would seem to be worth it.

The Big Question: Why?

The future of ERP and point of sale for e-commerce retailers lies in their integration. The answer to ‘Why’ lies in the act of doing your business more competently. Because when you integrate your e-commerce sales channels with ERP, you not only make all your departments exchange information conveniently but also allow them to perform suitable actions to meet the specific order on time. The key data related to shipping/tracking, order, customer, item, and inventory can pass the information between your systems automatically, thus eliminating the need to enter data from one system to another, manually.

Read on to know the top five compelling reasons to go for an ERP integrated e-commerce solution.

1 Cut down the inventory and operational costs

When you have all the information about web sales in real time reflecting in your ERP system, your inventory will automatically get updated. Therefore, you can optimally plan the purchase reducing wastage and multiple orders, thus reducing inventory costs to a great extent.

2 Eliminate data redundancy, human involvement and error

Imagine getting the e-commerce data directly from your ERP system without any human interaction. You may avoid errors like entering wrong shipping addresses, fetching incorrect inventory levels and missing, incomplete, or incorrect product information. An integrated system automatically transfers correct information from one department to other reducing the chances of halts and blocks.

3 Boost the productivity

Because the integrated system streamlines and speeds up the flow of multiple business processes the overall productivity has experienced a rise. Web sales orders will be updated in the ERP system in real time, back office ERP user can instantly track the order and proceed with the production process. Thus, the time consumed in the order fulfillment cycle is reduced and the efficiency is increased through this integration.

4 Enhanced control over business

With real time information update, reports and financial statements just a click away, the business owners gain better control of their business. Integration of e-commerce and ERP business processes aids them in getting a competitive advantage.

5 Exceptional customer experience

Information transparency always makes a customer happy. Ease of getting latest product information, inventory availability details, order tracking details, etc., on the web retail platform possible instantaneously due to integration with the ERP system, takes the customer satisfaction to a next level.

The ERP integrated e-commerce portals provide numerous benefits for any business. Availability of precise and up to date order to delivery details along with consumer information makes it easier to sail through tough competition and deliver a satisfactory customer service. Managed processes, on-time deliveries and delighted customers are all needed by a company to grow. So what is stopping you? It’s time that you realize the benefits of such integration and adopt them for the success of your business.


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