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How ERP can Manage Production in your Manufacturing Industry?

ERP software for effective production

The manufacturing industry is dynamic in nature, with the manufacturers facing numerous, moreover ever-changing challenges, almost on a daily basis.

To secure a competitive position, they are required to bring their products faster to market, gain end-to-end visibility across production processes, have complete control of the shop floor and over the materials, products as well as processes, and adhere to quality and safety standards. 

In other words, they are required to speed up their production, and focus on streamlining internal processes.

And, having an industry-specific ERP system is a step forward in the direction of controlling operations and keeping up with the changing market.

Let’s take a look at the different ways through which an ERP software can manage the production of your process manufacturing industry:

Secures Formulation

An ERP for process manufacturers handles every recipe securely and efficiently.

It allows manufacturers to store, retrieve, and revise every formula/recipe that is being used in business, and define processes, equipment, stages etc., as well.

Besides, it also allows you to implement access controls on your recipes to protect them from unauthorized access.

And when you go into production, you can define various properties and parameters of your processes that will help you track their actual performance.

Supports R&D

The biggest benefit of an ERP software is its capability to involve in intense R&D without hindering current production. Offering a sandbox environment, it helps manufacturers explore new formulas and deliver innovative products with improved physical, chemical, and nutritional properties.

It not just allows performing interactive analysis of the properties of the products you develop and manufacture, but also brings down the time and efforts invested on R&D of new recipes, thus simplifying your complex production process to a large extent.

Balances demand and supply

ERP plays a major role in ensuring efficient planning. Besides optimizing the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources using historical production data and sales forecasting, an ERP system offers the intelligence to plan material purchase as well as production based on how much is still in inventory, what is expected to be sold, what are the commitments yet to be fulfilled, what is already ordered and what is under production.

In other words, it endows every information essential to balance demand and supply. Thus, an ERP helps make the complex production processes smoother through effective planning and scheduling, and reducing production costs.

Streamlines operations

An ERP software proves to be a vital tool for streamlining production. Right from entering a batch to its processing to get finished good and complete inspection at each stage of it is what an ERP helps in.

By rendering stronger control on the batch execution of recipes, monitoring each operation step and providing consistent mixing control, an ERP enables performing actions like- allocation at the time of production as per batch size, issue while batch processing, resize batch and even partially closing a batch to deliver what is already produced.

Assures compliance

An ERP offers tremendous support in manufacturing items as per cGMP guidelines.

It even enables tracking items from their source to current location along with maintaining documentation (applicable certifications, quality records, and expiration dates).

Also, it can generate reports, specifically Batch Manufacturing Records, and through bidirectional traceability helps manufacturers to quickly identify from which vendor a particular lot was purchased, when it was purchased, the quantity received and the quantity still in stock, and the purchase order number.

These features really prove helpful in finding faults, querying on the basis of a particular attribute, or even as a selection criteria for the issue. Moreover, these features of an ERP software assure compliance.


You now know what an ERP can do to manage the production of your manufacturing industry.

Its capabilities such as lot traceability, attributes handling, yields, by-products & co-products handling, yield analysis, batch substitution,  inspection as well as resizing, and much more help you manage production for your process manufacturing business seamlessly.

Their industry-specific versions serve your unique business needs, and can be a more than a handy tool when it comes to managing production.

Try implementing an ERP software to improve the production process of your manufacturing industry

One such potent software is BatchMaster ERP, a tailor-made solution for process manufacturing industries.

It comes loaded with a comprehensive Production Module that ensures the aforementioned points are well taken care of, and consolidates batch information, increases efficiency and reduces the gap between software and actual operations.

It can cater to the unique needs of your single and multi-plant, multi-location, and multi-company business.

So, if you are into a Food & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Paint, Specialty Chemicals, or Personal Care & Cosmetics manufacturing business, get BatchMaster ERP today, and reap the benefits of seamless, & end-to-end production management.

For more details about the product, feel free to write to us at, or visit our website to know more about it as well as our other products.


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