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How a Cloud ERP Can Help Your Business in the Time of COVID-19?

These are tough times, as the current outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) has disrupted more than a billion lives, numerous livelihoods, communities, and businesses around the globe.

All businesses, small, medium and large are facing unprecedented challenges with COVID-19 affecting the global economy big time.

Its cascading effect is crippling the tourism, aviation, food, and hospitality industry in particular, the world over.

The global stock markets are all over the place, and people are worried about the ramifications that lie ahead.

Organizations around the world are taking necessary precautions to minimize the impact on public health as well as businesses.

While some businesses have shut shop in these times, many others have decided to continue with their operations, asking their employees to work from home.

However, performing the business operation remotely is easier said than done, as there are many issues businesses face in the wake of working remotely.

Some of the prominent ones include:

  • Unavailability of all the data is one of the biggest issues, as the businesses find it practically impossible to arrange for the tons of files and other important documents to be carried by their employees to their homes.
  • Co-ordination with different departments of the business and getting hold of their data in real-time is a herculean task while working remotely. Employees lose precious time from their work hours by simply trying to coordinate with the colleagues and explaining things to them.
  • For process manufacturing businesses, formulas/recipes are the lifeblood. These formulas, which are usually developed after intense research and hard-work are extremely confidential. Having access to such formulas/recipes in a secured manner from a place outside the office premises isn’t an easy task.
  • Recording & maintaining compliance manually is virtually impossible while working remotely without the help of any tool.
  • For the managers sitting at home, it is impossible to keep track of the activities happening on the shop floor. They have no tool to find out the actual inventory levels, inventory nearing expiry, etc.
  • If you are not in the office, getting the right figures about cash flows, bank limits used, etc.; among many other things, is an extremely difficult task.

Although the remote work technology has been around for a while, the cloud technology has given it a huge push.

Thanks to cloud technology, the corporate world has opened up to the possibilities of web-based apps, virtual desktops, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), etc. to make remote work possible from nearly any device, anywhere in the world.

A Cloud ERP software is a part of this ecosystem and can help businesses effectively deal with all the issues mentioned above.

Tailor-made for such testing times, here’s how a good cloud-based ERP software comes in handy in the time of COVID-19:

  • It enables organizations to allow their entire workforce to work from home efficiently, and also allows the businesses to track all their resources (data, manpower, machine, money, etc.) and have them readily available at a few clicks.
  • Though most businesses are allowing their staff to work from home, it is impossible for the employees to take all the important documents & papers home, and also to coordinate with departments for access to real-time data. A cloud-based ERP system, acting as a document management system, allows businesses to track their projects having a centralized data, readily accessible by all team members.
  • Cloud ERP system offers great convenience & flexibility, as they can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. It means the users can use their internet-enabled laptop, tablet or mobile phone to access real-time data, make business decisions, and even share that data across their departments.
  • A cloud-based ERP enables storing, managing and accessing large amounts of data. Additionally, it can keep the data secure, foil attacks on the company’s servers. Apart from that, a Cloud ERP solution also ensures zero data loss and complete back-up, which means users can stay stress-free even when the IT & networking department is not around.
  • A process ERP on Cloud streamlines entire value chain end-to-end by standardizing all business-critical processes including Procurement, R&D, Formulation, Costing, Production, Inventory Management, Quality, Compliance, Sales, Delivery and Finance/Accounting.
  • With COVID-19 affecting the economies world over, businesses are emphasizing on cost control. Moving to a Cloud ERP in such times makes sense as a perfect cloud ERP solution lets you pay an affordable fixed monthly fee, besides avoiding additional infrastructural costs, and significantly reducing the cost incurred in maintenance and support of the applications.
  • The facts and information that are required to be recorded and accounted for in regulatory compliance can be maintained in a Cloud ERP system and its database. Besides, it can also help generate various compliance-related reports.
  • Among other benefits, a Cloud ERP solution also offers remote implementation in a very short time and also streamlines all your business operations.
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We shared about how businesses can either stay shut or work remotely using a Cloud-based ERP software. Among a few businesses that cannot remain non-functional in these times of COVID-19 are pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturing businesses.

With the healthcare sector taking the center-stage amidst the ongoing pandemic, there’s been an increased focus on pharma and nutraceuticals; especially the latter, with many people turning to it for boosting their immunity.

So if you’re in a pharma/nutraceutical manufacturing business, or food & beverage, paint, specialty chemicals, and cosmetics manufacturing, for that matter, BatchMaster ERP on Cloud can be of great help during this tough phase.

Get in touch with our sales team at for a free demo today. Meanwhile please exercise precautions and ensure your business is present in, & ready for, the future.


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