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GST Registration Starts, Are You Ready?


The GST regime, which marks its beginning on July 1st 2017 starts the registration of GSTIN number from 25th June 2017. As of now, for any dealer registered under state VAT law, a unique TIN number is issued by the respective state tax authorities. Similarly, a service provider is assigned a service tax registration number by the Central Board of Excise and Custom (CBEC). The GST counterpart of this number is GSTIN which would act as the infrastructure on which the digitalisation of GST will be based. All the businesses carrying out taxable supply of goods or services and whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit of Rs. 20 lakh/ 10 Lakh as applicable need to get this GSTIN by registering on the official portal.

The government has appealed all the citizens, not to panic, as they can normally carry on with their regular business routine, even if they haven’t registered yet. Although GST registration is officially starting from 25th June 2017 but it is practically impossible to provide GSTIN to 8 million excise, service tax and VAT assesses and migrate them to GST portal. Government processes are on full swing and one of the spokesperson has said “The 15-digit provisional ID would work as the Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number (GSTIN) for the first initial few months.”

In the first stage of registration of any business under GST, it will be given a provisional GSTIN. In the subsequent stages, the business will be migrated onto the GSTN portal and the details of the business like the main place of business, additional place of business, directors and bank account details will be uploaded to the portal.

Below is the complete break-up of the proposed GST Identification Number. A state-wise PAN-based number of 15 digits will be provided to each tax payer as Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification number (GSTIN)

  •  The first two digits of this number will represent the state code as per Indian Census 2011
  •  The next ten digits will be the PAN number of the taxpayer
  •  The thirteenth digit will be assigned based on the number of registration within a state
  •  The fourteenth digit will be Z by default
  •  The last digit will be for check code

Have a look at the GSTIN Format:

The government appeals all the taxpayers to keep calm and not to rush for 25th June, instead keep all their papers ready and do it when their turn comes.

The revolutionary tax reform of the Indian economy will walk all over as the calendar bids goodbye to June’17 and India will become one common market place.

Now you can overcome GST related issues with BatchMaster ERP exclusively designed for GST. It supports registration, returns preparation, returns submission and analytics. Using it, you can easily upload and maintain business transactions, and analyze errors if any. Moreover, it guides you to prepare the final tax return that can be submitted to the tax authority. Also, the portal permits the access to tax consultants of the taxpayers, in a much simpler and faster way.

For more information on GST and its assistance, click here.


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