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How ERP Integration can Revolutionize e-Commerce Retail Business


Today, joining the e-Commerce bandwagon is like a ticket to growth. E-commerce is your launch pad that helps you to lift-off the buying and selling of your goods and services by expanding their reach to the world over the Internet. This so called digital disruption has actually eliminated unnecessary elements in the supply chain, enabling customers to buy at anytime from anywhere and at a comparatively lower cost.

Sensing this, most of the businesses are coming up with their own online stores. Such e-stores are growing up in numbers like mushrooms, increasing the sales, but making it a highly cluttered plus competitive market at the same time. This growth has brought along numerous challenges too, like:

• Surviving the cut-throat competition in quality and price of goods
• Staying profitable with continually shrinking margins
• Having trouble exchanging information between production unit and retail stores
• Problem meeting up increasing number of orders
• Quality getting compromised
• Receiving constant negative feedbacks about tardy and unsatisfying experience at your online portal

If you are facing one or more of the above problems, then simply having an e-store is just not enough!!! You certainly need to revolutionize your business with an ERP solution that has the capabilities to integrate with your online store.

You need to transform your webstore to an ERP-integrated web store to relish the benefits of seamless business operations and bring smiles to your customers’ face. Successful ERP integration with your e-commerce sales channels allows you to operate more efficiently as a business. Your entire data – related to order, inventory, item, customer, and shipping/tracking – is efficiently exchanged within independent departments or retail stores, in real-time and to perfection.

Many manufacturers realize this, but there is a reluctance in adopting the integration. Probably this can be mostly due to the cost incurred or business interruption caused by having to modify current systems. However, once you experience the improved operational flow in your entire business, the cost and efforts would seem to be worth it. In fact, ERP integration has transformed the way of doing online business in many ways. When you adopt and integrate, you’ll enjoy many benefits like these listed below.

Better control over business

With the help of an automated and intelligent integrated system, you eliminate the cost and errors in managing and administrating the financial data. This way you get complete control and 100% transparency in the financial information across the organization. With real-time information update, reports and financial statements are just a click away. The business owners can now make better informed decisions for their business. Integration of e-commerce and ERP business processes aids them in getting a competitive advantage.

Go global with desired flexibility

If your business is constantly expanding and crossing national boundaries, keeping up with dynamic and complex regulatory requirements around the world is extremely important and you need a system that is robust and flexible. When the e-commerce business is integrated with ERP, region-specific requirements such as, taxation, labeling, and documentation are not only conveniently met but are also easily accessible for modifications.

Eliminate human error and data discrepancies

Imagine getting the e-commerce data directly from your ERP system without any human interaction. With an integrated system, you get entire product, inventory, sales and shipping data on a common platform and it essentially reduces redundant manual entry errors. Even the need for manual workarounds, and labour hours consumed will be reduced to minimal resulting into further increase in demands due to automated processes.

Cut down the inventory and operational costs

Now, the data between your online store and ERP system is synchronized. By synchronization, we mean that the information regarding web sales or an online purchase order in is reflected on your ERP system in real-time, and your inventory gets automatically updated. Like ways, you can optimally plan the purchase reducing wastage and multiple orders, ultimately reducing inventory costs to a great extent.

Multiple business processes are streamlined as a result of an integrated system, further reducing the need of manual operations. The entire work related to data transfer and information sharing is now centrally managed on a single platform along with other back-office operations, thus reducing the additional operational cost incurred.

Exceptional customer experience

Does your online portal drive your customers to competitors because of its dilatory and difficult-to-operate interface? With integrated systems by your side, there is no room for a frustrating user experience and missed revenue opportunities as information transparency always results into customer delight. The ERP-integrated systems and their easy-to-use interface facilitate in getting latest product information, inventory availability details, and order tracking details. All are available on the web retail platform integrated with the ERP system, and takes the level of customer satisfaction a notch further.

Boost the productivity

E-Commerce ERP integration allows you to easily account for new orders and fulfill them, regardless of where the sale is made. Products and pricing can be managed from one place, allowing you to have accurate and consistent product information. As a result of streamlined business processes, the work flow gets speed-up and overall productivity experiences the rise.

When this information is updated in real time, the back office ERP user instantly tracks the order and signals for production to begin. Therefore, the time consumed in the order fulfillment cycle is reduced and the overall efficiency is increased.

The ERP integration with e-commerce portals has transferred the day-to-day business operations, altogether on a unique fast-track path, of many manufacturers. It has completely eliminated the scope of manual errors and reasons for sluggish progress. Along with relishing numerous benefits, ERP-integrated e-commerce businesses have discovered efficient and effective ways to outrun tough competition and deliver satisfactory customer services. If you too want to be successful with your online business and long to keep up with the increased online demand and supply, your e-commerce strategy should include integration to an ERP without a miss. And one such ERP is BatchMaster ERP. It gets seamlessly integrated with online stores like Magento, giving businesses the lift they dearly need.

So what is stopping you? It’s time to avail the exceptional benefits of Magento ERP integration for the success of your e-commerce business with BatchMaster.


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