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ERP Brings Information at Your Desk 75% Faster

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As a manager, you are faced with a number of questions every day such as:

  • How many sales order does the company have?
  • How many of these orders are shipped?
  • What is the status of production batches?
  • How much inventory is about to expire?

Having this information at the fingertips is crucial for seamlessly performing day to day activities and for making business driving decisions.

Not just managers, but people at all the levels in an organization need information to keep the ball rolling. However, if this information need can’t be answered without having to run from one desk to another, then it is the time to adopt an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in your organization.

ERP – The key to a successful business!

ERP works as a single, real-time information source by bringing all levels of company data together. It accelerates the flow of information that helps individual yet dependent personnel coordinate and work smoothly.

Fact: ERP brings information at your desk 75% faster

Certainly, the fact is hard to believe, but, it is true. It states a crucial benefit an ERP can bring about. By providing information at desks of all levels of personnel in an organization, it creates a base for making strategic and operational decisions. We tried to talk to people at various positions in different companies to know how an ERP is helping them. Let’s see what they have to say:

CFOs – “It keeps us equipped, informed and reactive to uncertainties in business”

ERP offers the useful feature of ‘Business Intelligence’. Using it, CFOs or your Top- Execs can fetch the required information immediately, above all, in a dynamic graphical format which is easy to understand and analyze. As a result, they can quickly gain deep insight into inventory or get summary data on purchase orders, review sales & service performance, identify production losses, assess the quality and more, by equipping them to handle any emergencies or for simply making growth driving decisions.

Managers – “ERP provides us with a single view of the entire business cycle when we need it the most ”

The key feature of an ERP is a shared database that integrates the entire operational information of all individual yet dependent departments into a single software application. This makes tracking workflows across the organization effortless. Together with eliminating the need of writing things on a paper or making calls, it offers a robust platform for managers to quickly understand and identify critical relationships and gaps along organization’s three key dimensions – people (vendors, customers, and labors), process, and infrastructure. This comprehension helps utilizing resources to fullest and to their best.

Employees – “We can do more work in less time now”

In contrast to the misaligned information from disparate systems, the real-time and unified information from an ERP adds value to every department. With the centralization of a company’s information in a single repository, as soon as one department finishes its operations and records the data of the same, it can be viewed by the other departments, instantaneously. With identification, definition, and standardization of daily tasks, employees can quickly, yet easily analyze and perform their functions. This improves team skills, eliminates one-sided departmentalized decisions while bringing about transparency and ensuring that only the best practices are followed.

Customers – “The complete visibility brings more satisfaction to us”

ERPs are now available with Customer Centres- a hub for all customer-centric information. This empowers customers, suppliers & business partners to track down information as it is happening. And, what they need to have for this is – ‘a simple login into the application’. Surely, this complete visibility boosts speed and efficiency with which businesses work and act.

Benefits at a glance

An ERP, by providing complete visibility, satiates the information needs of employees at various levels and with varied roles in the organization. This not only ensures automatic and coherent workflows, but also smooth transition and quicker completion of processes. Having this information, at desks, releases untapped productivity, helping your employees to excel in their work rather than striving just to complete day-to-day activities. Your managers can monitor and scrutinize faster while your CFO, CXO or CEO can make informed decisions based on the accurate and reliable information available just with a few clicks. So, wait not, adopt an BatchMaster ERP and help your employees perform better- one thing that’s crucial for your own growth too.



Sanjay Panjwani

Sanjay Panjwani is the Managing Director at BatchMaster Software, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturing industries. He’s on a mission to solve business challenges through innovation in ERP solution suites. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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