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BatchMaster Excise: Ease off Excise Calculations with BatchMaster

Are you a manufacturer tired of managing your excise calculations and documentations? Need a technically sound application for handling out excise since long? Is excise a burden for your company? Your precious time gets wasted in performing cumbersome calculations? Still, you are not sure about the accuracy of it?

Achieving the statutory excise requirements as per the current regulations imposed by Central government is the need of the manufacturers. Excise and duties are amongst the utmost crucial task in an accounting process. Excise calculation is a time consuming yet far inescapable task which in the absence of Excise Management software could get transfigured into a huge barrier in the efficient functioning of an organization. Along with already existing numerous processes in an industry, handling excise documentations manually is neither an intellectual nor a beneficial step for manufacturers. Right from the inception of raw materials to delivering the finished good, excise calculation is a crucial and mandatory part in every procedural step occurring in an industry. Also, delay in a single process can hamper all other due to inter–dependency, which could finally affect company’s return-on-investment.

These are the very reasons compelling manufacturers to thrive for a solution that efficiently accomplishes all their business transactions while keeping the excise load at the fly. Thus, manufacturers deem an ERP solution thorough and apt that makes certain painless harnessing of excise compliance needs.

To hit this hay, BatchMaster is undeniably proficient software that effectively addresses   your problem. BatchMaster is right up to your alley as it straightaway precludes the chance of losing any excise calculations.

BatchMaster offers you a comprehensive solution to maintain Central Excise records that take care of various requirements specific to each client and brings optimized trouble free computation, facilitating advance planning and efficient execution of the various documentation needs that are a part of the stipulations laid down by the Department of Central Excise. BatchMaster has logically designed Excise module that incorporates all the essential tools relieving the hassles of excise tax calculations incredibly.

Emphatically instrumental in outlining essential excise parameters, BatchMaster Excise is capable enough to manage and decide excise payables based on the credits available.  Trading, Job Works, Gate Outs etc. are some of the salient features extended with the Excise module. BatchMaster drafts and populates assorted submission forms, abiding by the law, such as TR6 Challan, Annexure II, Form A.R.E-3 etc. with no efforts. Further, it covers preparation of trading invoices as per rule 52AA, trading registers, job work, annexure, ARE 1 challan, running bond registers and other data necessary to meet every statutory excise requirements.

A seamlessly integrated BatchMaster Excise module provides information in Excise from the sales, purchase and manufacturing as well. It automatically debits duty payments and warns manufacturers in case of insufficient credit balance. Moreover, instant details about the credit balance in Personal Ledger Account & CENVAT Registers, complete status about finished goods manufactured, cleared and in stock, detailed information on duties paid can be accessed at a quick wink.

Last of all, convenient & intuitive user interface helps in optimum utilization of manpower and time with the adaptability of latest notifications keeps the user ready for excise audits at any given time.



Sanjay Panjwani

Sanjay Panjwani is the Managing Director at BatchMaster Software, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturing industries. He’s on a mission to solve business challenges through innovation in ERP solution suites. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.