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Profitability and success of paper & packaging industry highly depends on external factors. An inconsistent economy, remarkable rise in environmental awareness, stringent getting regulations—all have a major impact on the industry.

An increasing number of individuals have realized that the paper & packaging business is among the world’s real generators of air and water toxins, waste items, and the gasses that cause environmental damage. Thus, the requirement for eco-friendly papers & packages has gone up.

Then, there are other trends too, that have affected the industry. Worldwide monetary variances, unpredictable cost of mash, raw materials’ sourcing, and so on. Sourcing of raw materials, specifically, is a noteworthy worry. Reason being: the industries significant raw materials include fresh water, energy and forest trees which are progressively getting hard to source. Moreover, these raw materials are always under constant pressure of environmental regulations.

A suitable ERP solution is a way to control your business

No matter to what extend the external forces are out of your control, you can still be in a better position, simply by efficiently managing critical factors within your own business. In other words, efficiently using what you have can cut down on losses and wastage thereby ensuring profitability. And, an ERP supports it fully.

A complete and flexible ERP software solution helps you gain greater control of your internal processes and lets you manage the situation more competently and confidently.

ERP benefits the paper & packaging industry  

An ERP designed with proper understanding of the needs and operations of paper & packaging industry works the way as paper manufacturers work. It seamlessly maps various stages of manufacturing such as pulp preparation, paper formation, paper finishing, etc. and offers complete integration of companies’ individual yet dependent departments. Gathering all information flowing across different departments, ERP provides deeper insight into Raw materials, pulp, sheets, reels, rolls and supports manufacturers fully utilize plant capacity, create and manage efficient production plans and enhance supply chain efficiencies. This, in a way, encourages accurate costing, flexible scheduling, continuous production, and such. With everything on the record and done in a standardized way, adherence to regulatory compliances become easy. Keen tracking and tracing capabilities simplify recalls and speed up audits. Consequently, manufacturers experience optimum growth and relish profit maximization.

So, if you are also a paper & packaging manufacturer and your business is experiencing above mentioned challenges, then let us help you to end your search at one of the apt solutions- BatchMaster ERP. Click here to discover its unbeatable suite of features that work the way you work and help you gain greater control on operations.


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BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. With an in-depth industry analysis, gained through a vast industry experience with over 2000 implementations worldwide, we clearly understand the unique industry challenges. BatchMaster offers ERP solutions that are apt to support industry specific operations and handles critical processes of the micro-verticals. Process manufacturing companies around the globe have come to rely upon BatchMaster® to manage nearly every aspect of their manufacturing distribution, finance & accounting, Quality Control, Compliance and HR- related operations. With headquarter in Laguna Hills, BatchMaster has its offices in New Jersey, India and New Zealand.
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