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Develop your COVID-19 vaccine right in first attempt, with BatchMaster ERP

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The thing about pandemics is that when they begin, you got to act quickly to develop your response. Take COVID-19 for instance. There’s enormous pressure — both political and social —to get a vaccine into production as soon as it looks good in trials. But the vaccine manufacturers find it difficult to get their vaccine right in the first attempt on several counts.

Before the vaccine reaches the last person, there’s a long list of tasks to accomplish. The vaccine manufacturers need to pull out all the stops to research and test sufficiently to create an efficacious and safe vaccine the first time, develop the winning formula, get their production plan ready, establish monitoring for rare events, and set up distribution networks.

BatchMaster ERP for Vaccine helps the vaccine manufacturers manage the complex vaccine product lifecycle-right from the development phase, and testing, to approval, manufacturing, and commercialization.

With its help,

  • the manufacturers can plan their operations meticulously,
  • meet the required safety, and regulatory measures confidently,
  • avoid manufacturing and quality control errors,

And get their combination right in the first attempt to bring a vaccine to the market in the shortest-possible time, and importantly, right in the first attempt. For more details on Vaccine supply chain ERP solution, click here.



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