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Customer choice award

BatchMaster receives badge of honor “Customer’s Choice” award from Software Suggest Recognition Award

“That’s the thing about awards – it’s for the people who do all the hard work behind the scenes. An award is just a clap at them.” – Sia

And, receiving that clap from Software Suggest Recognition Award, one of India’s leading business software discovery and recommendation platforms, has made BatchMaster family feel delighted.

Receiving this prestigious award signifies our commitment to providing only the best software solutions to our customers – the goal with which we develop our ERP software and deliver our services.

At BatchMaster, our core values are to be true, extraordinary, innovative, and fruitful. Embracing these core values in our product includes monitoring market trends, understanding manufacturing operations, honoring customers’ requirements, and be in pace with the latest technology.

Result: amazing customer experiences!

Surely, receiving such an award is a moment of honor and pride for us at BatchMaster.

And, we take this as an opportunity to thank our dedicated team and loyal VARs for helping us achieve this. Not to forget our valued customers, who have time and again reposed their trust in our brand.

Mr. Sanjay Panjwani, Managing Director, BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd., praised the employees on the occasion by saying, “I have seen true dedication and commitment of my employees towards understanding customers’ requirement and developing flawless products that has helped us in establishing company’s brand value.

And, for the same, I take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to my exceptionally talented team and VARs for their commitment and sincere efforts, and also my esteemed customers for helping BatchMaster stand out as a winner.”

We, at BatchMaster, continually strive to meet the changing industry and compliance requirements by constantly adding features, capabilities and intelligence to our ERP products.

This award, which is a recognition of our efforts, encourages us to keep up with the good work, make our customer’s happy, and be their preferred choice, always!

Once again, we thank Software Suggest for recognizing our passion towards delivering quality product.


About us

BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. With an in-depth industry analysis, gained through a vast industry experience with over 2000 implementations worldwide, we clearly understand the unique industry challenges. BatchMaster offers ERP solutions that are apt to support industry specific operations and handles critical processes of the micro-verticals. Process manufacturing companies around the globe have come to rely upon BatchMaster® to manage nearly every aspect of their manufacturing distribution, finance & accounting, Quality Control, Compliance and HR- related operations. With headquarter in Laguna Hills, BatchMaster has its offices in New Jersey, India and New Zealand.
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