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Cloud-Based ERPs Support the Future of Process Manufacturing

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In the present business scenario, ERP software have become an indispensable part of all process manufacturing businesses, irrespective of their size.

Originally developed to manage discrete manufacturing processes, the ERP software have over the years evolved to accommodate process manufacturing businesses as well, apart from becoming more robust, powerful, affordable, and easier to use.

The latest technological trends such as Cloud technology have also been integrated with the ERP software to make the businesses simpler, and to help them stay ahead of the competition not just in the current times, but in the future as well.

Talking about the future, the businesses will continue to evolve, and change in a lot of ways in the coming years.

There will be a marked difference in the way they engage with their customers, the speed at which they deliver products and services, how they conduct their overall operations, and how they innovate, among others.

These changes will come with their own share of challenges, adding to the challenges already present in front of the manufacturers.

This means they will need to focus on operational efficiency as well as product quality all the more.

Besides, they will also strive for the ability to quickly track ingredients from their point of origin, to reduce risks and respond to recalls.

In a nutshell, it means that the process manufacturers will need to have complete visibility, control, and information in order to run the business smoothly in the future.

An ERP software suffices for all of these needs in the present day. But what about the future?

The future belongs to Cloud ERP, and the fact that more and more enterprises are shifting their focus towards it bears testament to the statement.

An ERP on Cloud purpose-built for process manufacturers connects the entire supply chain, collects information at key points in production, and gives detailed insight into the manufacturers so as to facilitate more-informed decision making.

There are a number of reasons why Cloud-based ERPs support the future of process manufacturing. However, the top compelling reasons that are mentioned below underline the above fact:

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Better inventory control: 

Inventory control is a critical aspect of any process manufacturing business.

A business must, while selecting the ERP, confirm whether or not the software of its choice will scale along with it, be flexible enough to accommodate the future change, and will provide required visibility to manage the inventory requirements.

A Cloud ERP has the almost limitless capacity for additional users and data, which means it is scalable to the inventory management needs of the business in the future.

Apart from that, a manufacturing ERP software on Cloud offers flexibility to the businesses to implement customizations and business rules that support their unique inventory management requirements.

Also, the traditional ERP systems lack the real-time visibility required to efficiently manage the inventory, while a Cloud ERP system provides real-time visibility into it, with anytime, anywhere access to the vital information.

Real-time production analytics:

The production process is a lot more intricate and layered for the process manufacturers as compared to the discrete ones. And this is something which will only get more complicated in future.

So, it does help the process manufacturers when they can keep up with their production process through real-time analysis and process monitoring, only with an ERP on Cloud.

Unlike an on-premise ERP, a Cloud ERP system allows the process manufacturers to view the performance of their manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world at any given time.

This means that the production managers can move among different locations within the production facility and monitor the state of production in real-time. This helps better the efficiency, execution, and delivery time in the long run.

Improved Quality Control:

For process manufacturers, especially the food & beverages manufacturers, Quality Control (QC) is an integral part.

Today, more food manufacturers source ingredients from global suppliers, a trend that’s only going to gain more following in the future.

But what it brings along with it is the higher risk of rework, waste, and product recalls. To counter these threats, process manufacturers need proper quality checks being executed at the right time, and need a mechanism to track every movement of both inward and outward raw materials and finished goods.

A manufacturing ERP software on Cloud not just puts proper QC processes in place, but also improves overall process transparency, and lets the process manufacturers know about the possible quality issues ahead of time.


The regulatory compliance requirements for process manufacturers are getting stringent day by day, and we are moving towards a future where this industry would be more regulated than ever.

In such a scenario, keeping up with the industry compliance is going to be extremely challenging for the manufacturers, who will increasingly look for ways to simplify the entire process.

An ERP on Cloud will come in handy in such times, helping create streamlined and effective business processes that result in compliancy.

It will help the businesses move from a reactive safety culture to a preventative one by supporting different regulatory requirements.

Packaging & Labelling: 

Attractive, lasting and easy-to-carry packaging grabs customer’s attention, but proper labelling is yet another crucial element today’s well-aware customer looks for.

A customer thoroughly reviews every detail about the product he is buying and a label can help make or break the case.

With all the information on the cover, you just tempt the customers more to buy your products.

An ERP on Cloud can not just generate labels and reports like- supplement fact sheet, nutritional labels, ingredient statements, allergens and such, but can even accommodate new formats and requirements as and when they are introduced. Sounds cool? Indeed.

Speeds Innovation: 

The process industry is not untouched by the changing consumer demands and expectations.

Moreover, it is just going to get more dynamic in the future with personalized or customized solutions leading the league.

And an ERP on Cloud can help you effortlessly meet it. With its anytime, anywhere accessibility, it brings all the stake holders (customers, staff, vendors, suppliers, etc.) on a single platform.

You can know in real-time, what your customers need, from your staff on the field.

This can be then instantly shared with your R&D team so that they can draw-out samples, send them to customers, get feedback/suggestions, make the changes, get them approved and send it for production without the long communication-wait-time.  

What you get is what exactly is asked for without much rework or wastage of resources or even without extensive paperwork.


The benefits of a Cloud ERP software to a process manufacturing business are countless.

No wonder, more and more manufacturers are switching to Cloud-based ERPs, thus stepping up in terms of performance, security, and real-time analytics, and getting ready to keep up with the changes to meet the quality, compliance and inventory-management-related needs in the future.

Needless to say, Cloud-based ERPs are best-placed to support the future of process manufacturing. If you are looking for a forward-looking, and futuristic Cloud ERP solution for your process manufacturing business, we at BatchMaster can help. Reach out to us at for a free consultation.


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