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No matter what the type and size of any business organization is, improving productivity and achieving growth have to be the foremost goals. These goals can be achieved by improving the employee productivity consistently and continuously, as highly productive workers can help an organization grow significantly. Needless to say, productivity levels can make or break a business.

So, it is important for the businesses to keep the workforce productivity high. There can be a number of reasons because of which the employee productivity can go down. Distractions at the workplace, or at home (in the current context of COVID-19, with employees working from home), poor management, the missing connect due to lack of engagement, and more.

Whatever the reason may be, it is important for businesses to not just address the underlying cause for low productivity, but also to bring in measures to improve the productivity. Technology-backed automation tools can be of good help in this regard for a wide range of firms, regardless of their size, business-type, and objectives.

Tens of business tools, or one integrated solution HRMS?

Many businesses opt for disparate HR tools. One software to manage the payroll; the other to handle recruitments; another to manage time and attendance. However, operating with too many software can hamper the productivity in the long run, with issues such as high cost of maintaining multiple software, scattered data, and inadequate overview hurting the business.

The results of a recently conducted survey revealed that 43% of the businesses that participated in it believe they’re currently switching between too many HR applications to get their basic work done, whereas 67% of the respondents who took the survey stated they could be more productive if they worked on a single application.

That’s where one integrated solution human resource management system (HRMS) comes into play, helping organizations eliminate manual method-induced redundancies, and free up valuable time for their key assets. It not just helps any organization make its workforce more productive, but also makes the HR function more robust and effective.

Through this blog, we’ll take a look at how an HRMS system achieves both these things, and thus improves productivity:

Makes workforce productive through:

Automating tasks:

HRMS system


HR analytics software

Employee self-service:


Access to real-time data:

HR real time tracking software

Makes HR function robust & effective:

Another way of improving workforce productivity is by ensuring the productivity of the HR team, which forms the core of any organization. It not just manages functions such as recruitment, payroll, performance appraisals etc., but also plays a crucial role in policy & strategy formulation, and creating a healthy work culture, which in turn boosts workforce productivity.

But the HR department is often overburdened with manual tasks including paperwork, leave & attendance management, and so on. This prevents them from operating at full capacity.

This is where an HRMS software helps by automating their day-to-day tasks, and allowing them to devote time and resources to more strategic initiatives to improve workplace productivity.

Take a look at what all it can do to boost the HR team’s productivity, and in turn, overall organizational productivity:

Payroll management:

payroll management software

Recruitment management:

recruitment management software

Performance appraisal:

performance appraisal software

Time & attendance management:

attendance management software

Employee management:



These are some of the many ways through which HRMS system improves the productivity of the workforce, the HR department, and the organization, in general. It expedites processes, eliminates unproductive & repetitive tasks, and introduces efficiency across the organization, thus driving productivity.

If you’re looking for HRMS software to improve productivity, here’s one such software BatchMaster HeRd, which checks all the boxes.


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