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An upshot of never sinking addiction of self-improvement accompanied with immense support and trust from our customers, BatchMaster, like all big companies is growing but globally. With Process Manufacturers around the globe relying on our capabilities, our global presence serves them better and sooner.

Originated in the US, we have now grown and captured world market. The world is shrinking for us as we now have our offices and partners stretching from Laguna Hills, CA through Rochester (NY) to Auckland (NZ) and India. Being the pioneer in software for Process (recipe-based) manufacturers, developing the original (and patented: ) formula / recipe management system that has stood the test of time and today stands as the most proven and stable product. And it’s our confidence in our product that we just don’t strive to sell products but to build relations, to offer stability and value for money.

Being the original developer of Formulation, the abilities of BatchMaster are now even appreciated and leveraged by big industry players such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics GP; another manifestation of our global presence. BatchMaster is just not the ‘Microsoft Partner’ or ‘SAP Partner’ but its process manufacturing capabilities are now a part of their application; sharing a single database, single menu, and even a single login.

Last decade saw extremes in global markets, boom to heights and recession to deaths. When the sudden emergent contenders tend to bottom and vanish before the even recession ends…BatchMaster tends to peak. Bringing about new collaborations (like with SAP B1, Microsoft Dynamics GP), adept products, better services, successful implementations and emerging out as a “Global Winner”.

So get set for an ‘Intelligent-Investment’ with global company BatchMaster Software Inc and not for a ‘Suicidal Investment’ with companies like Ryan Infolabs, Black Soft, or Vicinity Manufacturing!



Sanjay Panjwani

I am Managing Director at BatchMaster Software India Pvt. Ltd., a leading vendor of ERP solutions in all the 7 continents. With over 30 years of presence in the ERP market & 1500+ customers situated all over the globe, BatchMaster is a mature organization of 200 plus employees.

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