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Bakery Manufacturing ERP Software:  A Recipe for Success

erp software for bakery manufacturing industry

Running a profitable bakery products manufacturing industry is no easy feat!

In today’s times, bakery food items manufactures face unique and challenging operational pressures. When it comes to cookies, cakes, pastries, breads, biscuits and all the other delicious delights – consumers expect consistency in taste and quality.

These expectations are made not only from big supermarket stores, but equally from small street bakeries as well.

From maintaining right moisture, tenderness, softness, spongy texture, flaky crumbs, beautiful decoration, and more, those who are not in the manufacturing of baked food items have a little or no idea on how complex its production line is.

Moreover, volatile commodity and freight costs add complication of managing gross margins at the best of times.

Therefore, to strike a perfect balance between consistency in quality products and profitable operations, an ERP for bakery industry has proved to be a recipe for success.

They are designed and developed to automate end-to-end supply chain operations as well as empower manufactures to gain stronger control on business, and make quick profits.

Choose an ERP for your Bakery that offers the following five must-have features (superpowers)

Accurate Recipe Management

Needless to say, how important it is to follow accurate recipe while manufacturing bakery food items. Right recipe ensures right consistency, taste, and nutrition in the food items.

Developers of ERP for bakery industry know this! Thus, the ERP is designed to not only record, maintain, secure, and retrieve recipes, but also to capture the desired nutritional and physical property values while staying in line with USDA and Esha, Genesis and such.

Assured Quality Control

Manufacturers at baking industry need to assure safe and quality food items to win customers’ trust and to stay safe from all kinds of liability claims.

With bakery ERP software, it is possible. Built-in quality control module of the software enables manufacturers to define and apply quality tests at different stages of supply chain, record results, and allow the processes to proceed to the next stage only on passing the respective quality test(s).

It also helps manufacturers with generation of Certificates of Analysis (CoA).

Guaranteed Compliance Management

Complying with FDA and other frequently changing global compliances is a MUST for bakery manufacturers. Fortunately, a bakery ERP software assists in this as well.

Offering bi-directional traceability and quick recall, the software helps manufacturers gain stronger control to track and trace material movement from raw ingredients to finished goods and stay prepared to meet food safety and compliance regulations.

Moreover, offering full support to physical and nutritional property analysis, bakery ERP software takes care of product attributes and allergens to support different certification like: GMO, Kosher, organic, gluten-free, Halal, SQF, and more.

Effortless Inventory Management

Planning production based on process-cell capacity as well as existing and changing consumer demand is usual for bakery manufacturers.

Also, having a heap of perishable inventory is another challenge for them. Thanks to Bakery manufacturing ERP software that supports the necessity of lean inventory and careful production planning.

Along with handling unit-of-measurement conversions and calculating lot strength, an ideal Bakery manufacturing ERP software also supports inventory tracking, shop floor scheduling, and MPS/MRP functions to optimize purchasing of raw materials to avoid long-lead inventory shortages as well as excess inventory wastage.

Accurate Cost Analysis

Reducing cost and eliminating waste is of prime importance for bakery manufacturers. And an ERP for bakery industry supports this.

Taking out guesswork, it helps manufacturers to confidently track and analyze true material, labor, and other costs incurred in each production batch.

It tracks past-due payments (if any) along with the complete historical record of customers, which in turn proves advantageous in helping manufacturers to discover cross-sell and up sell opportunities.

Invest in BatchMaster ERP for Bakery to refine your manufacturing superpowers immediately

BatchMaster ERP for bakery industry is designed with proper understanding of the dynamic challenges of the baking industry.

With no doubts, it helps manufacturers deliver consistent quality products at affordable prices while assuring strong bottom-line.

ERP software for bakery industry

With a standalone platform, the software empowers manufacturers to streamline sales, purchase, finance, R&D, quality control, production, recipe management, inventory, and all other critical business operations.

It also helps them meet the stringent regulatory compliances with keen bi-directional traceability, numerous reports of mock recalls clubbed with complete audit trails, and generation of nutritional labels in required formats.

Regardless of the size of baking business and its number of production units, BatchMaster ERP for bakery industry confidently complies with FDA and FSMA requirements.

Seeing is believing! Therefore, here is a quick glance at the success story of one of the BatchMaster ERP’s satisfied customer that states the benefits of the solution.

Bakery erp software

It’s now or never! Meet the demands of quality control, recipe management, inventory optimization and conforming to safety and regulatory requirements with BatchMaster ERP for Bakery today! Request a demo now and help your baking business rise to the occasion.


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