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A Day in the Life of QC Manager

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Growing consumer awareness, the demand for quality products, increasing inclination to check labels before buying a product, stringent getting laws and active getting auditors have made the super complex and critical job of a Quality Control Manager a lot more complex.

A typical Quality Control Manager of a Production Unit day begins his day with the thoughts of an entire day’s plan and things to be taken care which took a back seat yesterday, probably due to lack of time or excess workload. Let’s put on the shoes of such a QC Manager and peep into his day.

Since morning, a Quality Control manager has to check for all the receiving, production and delivery schedules in line for the day. One of the major tasks for a Quality Manager is to document testing procedures, methodologies, or criteria. He then instructs his subordinates to collect and analyse production samples to evaluate the quality of the manufactured goods. Finally, he verifies the test results in order to avoid any mistakes or room for unwanted recalls.

During the day, the QC manager has to verify that raw materials to be used for production or in-process samples for lined up subsequent production batches,  are as per set quality criteria and finished products meet pre-determined testing and inspection standards. All this takes away a lot of his time and energy as everything has to be performed manually, plus the redundant data entry tests his patience every time.

The stress and workload become ten folds in case any defect is traced during testing. The process of non-conformance and CAPA is a daunting task and if not handled properly creates a serious mess as the current production halts unless the defect is rectified in the test results.

By the end of the day, the task of preparing daily reports of the QC tests conducted on various samples of different batches and generating COA for customers drains away all the strength of a QC Manager and leaves him with no choice but to postpone if anything comes to him at the last moment like providing feedback and interpretation of QC test results to the management or production staff.

Had he been operational on BatchMaster ERP with an excellent Quality Control module, the picture would have been drastically different.

The start of his working day would have been all relaxed and stress-free as the list of all the Receipts, Production Batches and Deliveries that need QC done would have been present on his table even before he reached office; all with the help of BatchMaster ERP for process manufacturing units.

With its precise quality focused tools achieving optimal quality could have become extremely easy for every landscape of supply chain operations. Right from receiving raw materials or production of intermediates/finished goods, to inspections of finished goods or goods in inventory before dispatching it to the customers could have been dealt with precision.

The QC Manager could have easily defined different QC tests and created sample definition along with entering the target values, control limits and maximum allowable defects, etc. eliminating the need of manual supervision for the same.

Moreover, the headache of evaluation could have been reduced significantly, as the QC module enables to automatically draw samples by various methods, record the pass/fail statistics depending upon pre-defined specifications and assists in accepting or rejecting the product based on the inspection results.

The exceptionally fast and accurate functioning of BatchMaster’s QC module, lets the manager have sufficient time to relax and concentrate on quality improving activities including analysing feedbacks, having discussions with product team to set immediate and counteractive action plans, et al. Rework, double sampling, re-testing, return, or destruction etc., can be performed easily against the items that fail QC Inspection.

Ultimately, deriving various reports based on test samples, product batches, pass/fail samples, production quality, expiry date, or shelf life period of materials in the warehouse becomes possible at the click of a button. The QC Manager could also dedicate sufficient time to his other important roles in deriving more efficient ways to supervise QC activities and inspect laboratory workers engaged in testing procedures.

In short, BatchMaster ERP with Quality Control module makes life a lot easier and a day lot relaxed for a Quality Control manager so that he can actually focus on the productive side of his job role rather than being engaged in daily chores, unnecessary documentation, and manual analysis.

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