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A Day in the Life of a Production Manager with BatchMaster ERP…

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Handling production is critical for manufacturing companies and accommodating last minute configuration changes, or change in customer requirement can be a painful experience.

This is the story of Joe, a production manager who uses BatchMaster ERP.

Joe the production manager at Pepper Potato Chips (PPC)

It is a Thursday morning, Joe parks his car in his reserved spot and thinks through the day ahead; scheduled production inspection of the plant, a production meeting and a factory meeting with the board. It isn’t a nice, easy or a relaxing day ahead.

Still, he enters the workplace with a big smile, swipes his card, walks to his cabin, and sits. The phone rings, “Good Morning Joe, William this side. Can you please let me know the current production status and other details ASAP?” Joe stares the phone in horror. William is his reporting manager. Pleasantries over!

He takes his cup of coffee and walks around the production area for inspection. He checks the dispatch area and production areas. “Everything is going well!”- Joe thinks to himself. He comes to his cabin, opens his laptop, logs into BatchMaster ERP and quickly generates the reports showing the batches in process, batch tickets, pick list, critical materials, production status, quality, quantity, etc. He was able to analyze what orders came in and what is needed to progress with for the day.

With all his preparations, he calls back William to have a meeting. “So, quick!”- William replies. Joe walks to the main office and conducts a production meeting. He speaks about the position of the factory, stock, quality and what the day looks like. “Well-done Joe!” – William says in appreciation. “But, can you please get us the daily results of the factory area as well?” added William.  Joe was ready for this dreaded question. Daily results of the factory area include: customer service, delivery, stock, order placed and most importantly how much profit the company is making. In other words, a cumbersome task that could take hours to get complete. Joe once again grabs his laptop and sighs with relief! He uses BatchMaster ERP, quickly generates the reports, print them off and hands it together to Mr William. “That was lucky enough to have BatchMaster ERP.”, he thinks.

His work does not end here. Now, his role calls him for checking issues. He will be checking stock and dealing with quality issues. With BatchMaster ERP’s quality control module, he quickly has an access to non-conformance report linking to Work Orders, Purchase Orders and material Batches. Also, with Inventory Stock Control Module, he analyses stock movement and checks if he has enough inventory for complete bill-of-materials.

Oops! Not again, last minute product changes by the customer. This is a tricky customer, but our biggest client too. Joe makes changes to batch tickets, saves it and whoop!  The ticket has been delivered to shop floor manager. Joe can even change the formula and the same get reflected in the production batch instantaneously.

The Shop-floor Manager looks for changes, issues new materials, makes changes in batch- as simple as it can be- no delays, no halts, no long approval times. He even checks the yields, checks for actual vs. planned usage, identifies losses n wastage and generates a report of same for Joe.

Finally, Joe’s day ends! It was a demanding day, but BatchMaster ERP made it simple and satisfying. Ting! He punches out with a big smile of satisfaction.

Long story short…

The life of a production manager is demanding and stressful. But, it can be simplified with the help of BatchMaster ERP. It is well-known for easing the production complexities. With its powerful set of features, it supports, manages, tracks and controls all the production activities from batch creation, allocation, inspection, quality check, to final closure.  It also accommodates last minute configuration changes or changes in customer requirement through its automatic batch sizing and material substitution.  Moreover, it keeps you informed with instant access to a large number of reports and dashboards.

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