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8 Benefits of Cloud ERP

Cloud based erp software

From the days when they were run manually, relying on siloed systems that required constant, manual updating, to the current era of technological innovation, businesses have come a long way. The manual way of operating gradually made way for different software before the modern-day ERP software became a norm.

Majority of organizations that made the decision to switch to an ERP have benefitted from it, thus making it an indispensable part of the modern businesses. The businesses have realized how important it is to connect their finance, accounting and operational data in this day and age, particularly to stay ahead in the highly competitive business environment.

While an ERP is of tremendous utility to businesses of all size across different sectors, one of its possible drawbacks is the cost and time involved in its implementation.

An ERP software can be too expensive and too complex to implement for some small & medium-sized companies, which are still in their nascent stages. As it requires, specific hardware & software configurations, and consumes time to go-live.

For all such companies, a Cloud ERP can be a great choice. While a Cloud ERP offers similar functionality as that of on-premise ERP in terms of tools and usage, it also offers cost savings, flexibility, scalability, security and speed in addition.

A Cloud ERP is provided as a service and hosted on vendor’s servers. The software and its data is managed centrally at a remote data center (Internet “cloud”) by the ERP vendor and accessed by customers through a Web browser.

With Cloud ERP, apart from the other benefits listed above, the businesses also have the benefit of secured data with back-up since it is not stored on their servers locally. This blog will give you a rundown on eight benefits of Cloud ERP.

1 Pocket-friendly

A perfect cloud ERP solution eliminates the need for paying extra for application software licenses. It rather lets you pay an affordable fixed monthly fee, besides avoiding additional infrastructural costs such as hardware and data servers and bringing down the cost incurred in maintenance and support of the applications.

2 Free and Automatic upgrades

Any good cloud ERP solution sends alert notifications of upcoming upgrades, which are auto-generated on the client’s server.

Also, a good cloud vendor usually conducts the upgrades and backups during holidays or at night, thus bringing down the wastage of productive hours to almost zero and keeping the system up-to-date and available whenever you need it. Above all, they are free.

3 Maximum uptime assurance

A perfect Cloud ERP service provider promises least possible server downtime, thus contributing towards enhancing the productivity and usable man hours.

4 Data security

A Cloud ERP solution is fully capable of performing digital data security and foiling attacks on the company’s server.

They implement a firewall equipped with advanced features in their network. This acts as a gateway between their network and the other and examines entire messages passing through the network and blocks those that do not meet the stated security standards. Thus, offers the necessary safety measures needed to protect the data.

5 Backup and recovery

A good Cloud solution provider makes arrangements for disaster recovery facility running 24×7. This way, no valuable data is lost and there is a back-up always.

6 Scalability and Mobility

ERP on cloud provides great flexibility and scalability, as it is mobile, allows increasing the number of licenses whenever required, and can be accessed from anywhere through any internet-enabled device.

Also, a good vendor allows the companies upload and access data in real-time via the cloud, from anywhere, anytime.

7 Tailored-fit

A good cloud ERP solution can be customized as per industry-specific requirements. It is truly process-centric, capable enough to meet the current and future needs of the company.

8 Experience

A cloud ERP solution is a perfect fit for small industries for a number of reasons, namely its rich industry experience, more number of live customers, and a good number of happy clients with positive feedback.

Conclusion: The benefits mentioned above make Cloud ERP an integral part of small and medium-sized businesses. Loaded with all those aforementioned benefits, BatchMaster ERP on Cloud caters to a wide range of process manufacturing industries.

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