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11 Reasons Formula-Based Manufacturers Should Select BatchMaster ERP Solution

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BatchMaster ERP (BME) is a real booster to process manufacturing industries. Whether it’s managing formulas/recipes, assuring quality, meeting compliance, analyzing profit/loss, handling inventory, determining profitable costing, etc.; BME proves to be an apt solution. It aids in managing various operations of a manufacturing industry, irrespective of its size.

The below eleven reasons are the proof of it.

Reason1: Formulas/Recipes are the heart of manufacturing industries. And, BME pumps it very well.

Enjoy comprehensive Formula Management system by innovating, defining, modifying, deleting and approving formulas. Keep a track of all the changes made to your formulas through version controlling. Also, you can roll back to your desired formula as and when required. This makes your vast database quite manageable.

Reason2: Purity is for surety with BME.

Thoroughly test out the quality of the items associated with the Company’s purchase, sales, inventory, and production. Define different quality checks at every required junction and ensure that the expected quality is achieved for every item at every stage. Moreover, you can also add descriptive information related to equipments to be used, any SOP related to respective test, etc.

Reason3: ‘Right planning is the key to success- BME knows this!

Analyze data on systematic and perfect planning worksheet to ensure uninterrupted production that promises on-time shipments. Utilize both forward as well as backward scheduling and execute lengthy calculation in a blink. Result: Right procurement, cost-effective production, and timely shipments.

Reason4: Optimum inventory at minimum keeping cost is possible with BME.

Track your inventory with material definitions, numerous classification, real-time update of inventory costs and quantities after every action. Manage inter-location moves and transfers. Execute inventory valuation- using – Standard/Average/LIFO/FIFO, generate various reports displaying precise yet accurate inventory status, and perform physical counting. In other words, experience stronger control on inventory, reduce wastage, eliminate material shortages and ensure continuous production.

Reason5: Assured on-time deliveries with BME brings smile to your customers.

Handle entire processing of sales order effectively with quick order creation, instant picking, packing and shipment, contract definition, pricing and discounts that too quantity, customer and customer-class wise, etc. Generate invoices, pick list, packing slips, bill of lading and Certificate of Analysis to aim at superior customer service.

Reason6: Calculating price, i.e. profitable yet affordable is not that difficult with BME.

Offer special pricing to your customers with the use of logically designed pricing tables. These prices are displayed automatically during sales order entry.

Reason7: The ultimate soul of your business- ‘Finance’. BME nurtures it to the best.

Get a real-time in-depth insight on finance and analysis reports. Handle all accounts-related entries and view their impact on the whole business. This, in a way, helps you analyse the total flow of money as well as total expenditure. Ultimately, helps you take the profitable decision at the right time.

Reason8: Yes! You can enjoy the freedom of personalization with BME.

Don’t restrict yourself to view pre-built screen layouts and reports. Design new screens or modify the existing screens quickly and with no trouble. Instantaneously generate custom screens in line with the preferred interface exactly at the moment its requirement is felt.

Reason9: Every industry is unique. So, one size can’t fit all. This fact lays the foundation of BME.

BME has been designed using micro-verticalization strategy to penetrate deep into the roots of a particular industry. Specific functionalities, custom enhancements, pre-configuration settings, industry-specific compliances, best practices, KPI’s and more makes the product a perfect-fit for different process manufacturing industry. Opt the one that is meant for your industry.

Reason10: Cannot afford to spend on hardware/IT staff? No problem! BME has a solution for this.

Save more time for innovation and waste less on IT. BatchMaster ERP is available on SAAS platform as well. Affordable monthly subscription, latest and automatic upgrades, 99.9% uptime assurance, absolute data security and, pay as you go are some, among many, of the striking features that makes streamlining business operations much easier and feasible for not only SMEs but for micro-industries as well.

Reason11: GST is on its way. And, BME is ready for it!

BatchMaster has geared up for GST and has designed specifically crafted modules for GST. It has structured a model that would be capable to handle different form formats, input tax credit, unique keys for CGST, SGST and IGST, their adjustments, and other features/rules stated under the proposed structure of GST.

These reasons are bringing more and more benefits to manufacturers, round the globe. So, if your traditional methods or existing ERP system lacks offering you the above benefits (even a few of them), it’s time to implement BatchMaster ERP. Having such a system in place can not only save your time, it streamlines operations, increase efficiency, provide convenience, and offer ease of cloud ERP but can also give you an edge over your competitors.


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