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Is change management a part of the package?

Coming on to the final part of the series, we are covering another very pertinent question in this blog. When you plan to go for SAP Business One implementation for your business, you must check with your solution partner whether change management is a part of the package or not, because it can either make or break an implementation project.

In this regard, there are a few points that should be particularly considered:

  • Implementing a new business system is not just a technical project, but also a business change project, which brings its own set of challenges
  • It has a major impact on the way your employees work, as they now need to adapt to newer ways of executing their job
  • No matter how seamless the integration is, there is bound to be some initial resistance, not only at an individual employee level, but at the corporate level also

Change management thus becomes important and you need a solution partner who can help you with it. We at BatchMaster offer support in this regard, so that our customers deal with change management effectively, and realize all the intended business benefits.

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Sanjay Panjwani

Sanjay Panjwani is the Managing Director at BatchMaster Software, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturing industries. He’s on a mission to solve business challenges through innovation in ERP solution suites. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.