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How a Web based ERP Software can help Remote Workers?

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In March 2020, the organizations across the world unexpectedly shutdown their physical operations and switched to remote working.

At first, this shutdown was considered temporary that would last only for few days or weeks. But, even after one-year, remote working is a will-be-around trend. 

So, instead of waiting for that one day when situation will go back to normal and workers will return to their offices – companies are thinking about embracing remote work culture effectively and efficiently.

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To enable remote working and to ensure business continuity, these companies are switching to NexGen Management Tools, such as a Web ERP

Web based ERP software – the “in thing” for remote working  

No wonder! Web ERP software brings in lot of convenience to make remote working possible, above all effective.

Placing the data server on-cloud and offering the flexibility to access it over the internet through a URL, Web ERP allows users to perform operations on the go, using just a Smartphone or any other internet enabled device. 

The software stores entire data on the cloud servers, and thus eliminates the need of a single point workstation.

Whether the user has a laptop or desktop, a tablet or a Smartphone, he can access the software to enter customer details, sales and production orders, move transactions forward, release a shipment and everything in between the process.  

It is cost-effective, easy to use, and quick to implement system that offers many advantages over the traditional solutions.  

Advantages of web ERP software

No need to install: Web ERP needs no installation. It can be accessed over the internet.  

Lowers hardware costs: Web ERP needs nothing more than just a web browser, a URL, an internet enabled device, and login credentials to get started. It eliminates the need of particular hardware/software configuration. 

Data security: Web ERP system comes with 24*7 data backups and disaster recovery facilities. Result: assured data security.  

Offers device and location independence: Web ERP can be accessed online or offline. Thus, it helps users to access the data virtually from anywhere, analyze the information, and take accurate decisions at right time. 

Highly scalable: Web ERP’s flexibility to keep pace with your fluctuating business needs is outstanding.  

Huge Demand of Web based ERP for the process manufacturing industries 

Owing to their complex business nature, more and more process manufacturing businesses are relying on web-based ERP while adopting remote working. By streamlining all supply chain operations through standardized processes.

A web-based ERP software solution helps process manufacturers do everything – develop products faster, assure quality, meet compliances, adjust production quantities, record new sales orders directly into the software right from customer’s location, check inventory and production status in real-time, etc. through their mobile from the comfort of their house.  

Moreover, with all the data at a center repository in cloud, it is accessible to the employees (across the globe), presenting not just the single version of truth but also the real-time data.  

To make the point clear, here we present a few real use cases:  

  • With instant access to real-time operational insights like: production status, inventory available, etc. from anywhere using Web ERP, the salesperson can take customer orders and promise a feasible delivery date.  
  • Generating reports to retrieve customer purchase history and pricing contracts in a single click helps manufacturers meet each customers’ unique needs effortlessly and accurately.  
  • Populating dashboards with details like: process cells status, their capacity, available manpower, and other useful resources in seconds, production manager can optimize scheduling without visiting the shop floor.  
  • Moreover, ensuring compliance is easy with records of each process documented well in Web ERP. The Manager just needs to generate the reports in a single click without the need to visit the office premise.  
  • The R&D heads across the location can share their findings and results of new product discover over the ERP and can even perform what-if analysis to achieve the targeted properties and cost values.  

These are just a few examples presented considering the space here. But a web-based manufacturing software can help various departments work in complete cohesion with their counter-parts or another department practically from anywhere. 


Corona virus is here to stay, and we are still living in a pandemic! No business had seen it coming, which is why no business was prepared or had a plan B to handle its consequences successfully.

However, using a Web ERP not only assures business continuity, specifically when the employees are working remotely, but also ensures they run at their optimum and to the best of their capacity. 

BatchMaster specializes in providing Web-based ERP system for process manufacturing companies.

batchmaster web erp software

So, if you are a process manufacturer and would like to know more about how BatchMaster Web ERP solution can help you stay prepared for such unforeseen events, please reach out.

Our experts would be happy to make your business easier and flourishing during such difficult times, as well as ensure it is future-proof for any unexpected disruptive events.   



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