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Does the product need customization or fits your needs as it is?

In the first part of this blog series, we covered the question “Is the prospective partner’s offering industry- or vertical-based solution?” We also read about the benefits of the SAP Business One implementation to your business. Moving on to the next part of the blog series, we’ll cover another important question:

Ask your prospective vendor whether his offering needs customization or fits your needs as it is?

This question is in a way related to the previous question. If the vendor offers industry-based solutions, you need to see whether that solution:

  • Fits your business needs as it is, or
  • Do you need to customize it?

Even in case of a vertical-based solution, there might be a need for customization, the level of which definitely is drastically low.

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Sanjay Panjwani

Sanjay Panjwani is the Managing Director at BatchMaster Software, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for process manufacturing industries. He’s on a mission to solve business challenges through innovation in ERP solution suites. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.