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Is the prospective partner’s offering industry- or vertical-based solution?

SAP Business One has many apparent benefits to your business. Just to name a few, it-

  • Automates your business’ different key functions
  • Allows you to run it in a seamless manner, and
  • Helps improve efficiency, increase profits, and reduce costs,

besides enhancing scalability, and facilitating informed decisions.

However, despite its apparent benefits, a lot also depends on the implementation partner and the subsequent implementation process, which decides whether the solution fits your business’ needs perfectly or not.

So, while considering SAP Business One implementation, every organization must ask a few important questions to their implementation partner. Here’s one such question:

Ask your prospective vendor whether his offering is industry or vertical based?

Asking this question is particularly important because the needs of dairy manufacturer can be completely different from that of a beer manufacturer, even as they both operate under the umbrella of food & beverages industry.

We at BatchMaster understand this very well, and hence offer micro-verticalized solutions. Being a reseller, and an OEM partner of SAP Business One, we offer a specialized ERP solution for the process manufacturing businesses. Get in touch to learn more about our products and services.



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I am Managing Director at BatchMaster Software India Pvt. Ltd., a leading vendor of ERP solutions in all the 7 continents. With over 30 years of presence in the ERP market & 1500+ customers situated all over the globe, BatchMaster is a mature organization of 200 plus employees.

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